Coffee Table Opinions Needed

Oh, Monday. So soon?  And maybe with snow? That's harsh.

How was the weekend?  Ours was mostly good.  It was the first weekend in a couple months that Nate didn't have to work on Sunday.  That was awesome.  But we did have a bird trying to break into our house.  It kept slamming itself into our patio doors and living room window. I don't know how the stupid thing didn't kill itself.  I should note that I have a bird phobia. Birds can not be trusted with their pointy beaks and beady eyes. I texted Nate on Saturday telling him I was going to call the cops. He followed with a text of how he had to go buy deodorant because he forgot to wear some that morning.  He clearly was concerned about my safety (rude) and tax season is rotting his brain.

We did do some discussing of our plans for the next few months.  It sounds like Decor and Dog won't be lame once tax season is over. Woo hoo!  Ike is pumped.  He misses the blog.

One of our first plans is to build a coffee table for our living room.  The living room is looking sad and lonely since removing the holiday decor.

We received the coffee table legs late last week.  And we're in love. 

Coffee Table Legs

We worked with Osborne Wood Products, Inc to design them. (They are available here!!!) I had found a vintage coffee table with those chunky curves and I wanted to replicate them.  Osborne Wood knocked it out of the park!  (They are the same company we used for our dining table and card catalog.) 

Now is where I need some opinions.  What finish should we use on the coffee table and do we do square or rectangle?  I just can't make up my mind! Help!

Here's another angle of the room as a reminder.  I don't think we want anything too crazy color wise but we are open to suggestions!  Also, the end table may or may not be staying.  It's growing on us but doesn't have to stay.  I think I want something a little more vintage looking.  The couches are staying until I find my money tree.  (The electrical company probably cut it down.)

Tell me your thoughts!