Yard Update

I'm not sure if it's the extra hour of day light or the fantastic weather we are having this week but I've been one productive human being.  None of it really blog worthy but I definitely feel like I accomplished something!

Today I thought I'd share a quick yard update.  A yard update?  Sounds boring.  But there is a dramatic Michelle story involved so hang in there.  It is, however, long.

It's starting to look like Spring outside.  And our yard no longer looks like a zombie apocalypse.

That wreath is a Spring wreath. I swear. 

This dramatic yard story starts back on Super Bowl weekend.  I woke up at 4:30am to a few popping noises.  I thought it was just the house shifting like it does in the cold.  We were in the big of a big snow storm.  No big deal. I fall back asleep and wake up about 10 minutes later to some bright flashing light in our room. I walk out of our bedroom and the there is orange flashing light coming in all of the windows. I freak that our house is on fire and I yell for Nate to get up.  He, of course, doesn't hear me because he sleeps like a bear in hibernation. I, of course, freak because I always go to the worst case scenario.

I run downstairs and see that the light is coming from the electrical line that runs through our backyard.  The line is completely on fire and it looks like fireworks are going off.  I yell for Nate again. No response. I run upstairs and shake him awake.  By the time he gets downstairs, the line is just shooting some sparks here and there.  He tells me to go back to bed.  Mind you, this fire was huge and is about 30 feet from our house. 

I tell him that he's crazy if he's going to sleep upstairs in our second story with a electrical line on fire.  He tells me that the snow is so wet that it won't catch fire (mostly true but seriously) and that he could take a blow torch to the house for 2 minutes and it still wouldn't set on fire.  Yeah.  Good one.  This comment makes me ragey.

I call the electric company after some investigating to determine whose lines they are.  At which point Nate informs me that some guy has been contacting him to trim our trees so this doesn't happen. I end up having to leave a message.  Nate tells me that he's going back to bed because he's tired.  I explain that I will divorce him on Monday if he goes back to sleep in our second story while there is a fire so close to our house.  I can't be married to a moron. He grunts something back at me (probably calling bluff).  Ike starts upstairs and I tell him that he needs to sit with me on the couch in case we need to call 911 and make a run for it.  He's smart enough to listen to me.

Five minutes later the line starts back on massive fire.  Nate comes running down the stairs and says "That's really bad."  YOU THINK!!!!!!!  He calls the electrical company again and finally gets someone.  They send a crew out to trim some of the branches in hopes that the branches don't take the power out.

We ended up losing a bunch of branches but our power survived.  And Nate survived.  Our marriage survived. I now know that in case of emergency, punch Nate really hard and then fend for myself (and Ike).

The tree company arrived later that week to get to work so they didn't have a crazy lady call them at 4:30am.

They laid down these fancy mats in the snow to protect our yard. I was super tempted to drive down there but I'm a really horrible driver and there is a creek past those trees. 

The took down quite a few of our trees and majorly cleaned out some limbs.  It took them 3 weeks.  This was at the beginning.

My angles are quite the same but they didn't mess around. 

Hopefully I can sleep through snow storms for the next 20 years.  We all know Nate will.

Big weekend plans?  We're headed to a wedding.  On Pi Day!  Nerdy friends are my favorite.