About Us


Hello.  I’m Michelle. Mama to two kiddos (4 & 1) and one old dog (12).

I’m a part-time pharmacist, full-time baby wrangler. My husband crunches numbers as a CPA.  In our precious free time we enjoy building, cooking, painting, decorating, quilting, photographing and blogging.

We were married in 2006 and we are living in our second home.  We built both.  We did most of the work ourselves.  We've pulled plenty of wire, painted every stinking piece of trim, nailed a million nails, installed cabinets, etc. Our tastes have evolved since building many years ago.  We're currently transitioning our style from catalog to something a little more eclectic.

We blog about anything and everything.  We enjoy sharing our adventures of life/home ownership in Eastern Iowa (Quad Cities). 

We're glad you're here!  Be sure to say "hi".

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