5 Must Have Tools for DIY Furniture Building

Two posts in one week.  Things are getting crazy around here. I think I have three for next week.  Whoa.  I should probably pace myself.

Today I'd like to share with you our top 5 favorite tools for DIY furniture building.  I mentioned on Monday that we'll soon be building a coffee table.  (By the way, thanks for your input on this.  We're still deciding but you all gave us lots to think about!)  This coffee table will join some of our other DIY furniture like our farmhouse dining table and card catalog.  (Check out all of our furniture builds here!)

Here are our top 5 picks!

Kreg Jig Kit: Oh, the Kreg Jig. This thing is probably numero uno on your must have list for DIY furniture building. It's great for seamlessly piecing boards together. This is the cheapo $20 versions. They make fancier/more expensive versions that way may upgrade to soon!
Quick Grip Clamps: A lot of times in furniture building you will wish you had more than two arms. Clamps help with that. They're also great for holding pieces together overnight for a super tight fit.
Finish Nailer: A good finish nailer is important for a professional looking product. We've recently upgraded ours and it's made a huge difference. No more goobered (technical DIY term) nails!
Cordless Drills: If there if one thing that you can't have too many of as a DIY furniture builder (or home owner for that matter), it's cordless drills.
Compound Miter Saw: We've been previously lucky in the fact that Nate's dad was "storing" his saw in our garage. And then Nate's brother decided to build a house and "our" saw found a new home. It was time for us to make this investment beings we use it so much. This saw is great because it allows you to easily cut large boards. So fancy!

Any fellow builders out there?  What would make your top 5?

For the non-builders, any big weekend plans? We'll be working on a couple big projects that I'll announce next week!  The suspense!