Stuff We Might Do In 2015

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Ours was on the boring side.  Nate has started his long tax season hours and I've been on a cleaning/organizing binge.  I'll spare you most of that.  (Here's our shamefully messy closet and here it is after I throw crap away. Ta-da!)  Ike was busy getting into trouble.  He managed to get into the pantry and rip open an entire bag of flour while I was working out.  That was fun.  We've lived here for 6 years and he has never once touched anything in our pantry.  I guess the cold Winter days are getting to him.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and we were able to get him outside yesterday.

I then tried to blog and my computer decided it needed to restart on its own.  I then somehow acquired a virus.  Nate didn't believe me that my computer was possessed and I did nothing.  Good weekend.

Anywho, today I'd like to share with you all stuff that we might get done in 2015.  Most people would call these things "goals" but that seems pretty lofty and demanding.  Instead, let's talk about stuff we might do.  No pressure.  The name of the game is mostly going to be finishing rooms.  We have good starts on a lot of our spaces but they need those finishing touches.

First up, is our copper console table.  I can't decide what to put here since removing the Christmas decorations.  It'll come to me but right now it's all sad and naked.

One of our "bigger" projects is going to be working on our mudroom closet. It's a hot mess. I shouldn't post photos like this on the internet but this is me "keeping it real".  (The kids are still saying that these days, right?)

The problem with this closet is that it sucks.  I mean, it is poorly designed.  The shelves on the left go pretty far back but you have to Cirque du Soleil contort yourself to get anything back there.  The other problem is that Ike is a hoarder and he needs to throw his stuff away.  Oh yeah, and we need some kind of shoe storage.

We have plans to rip out the existing shelving and replace it with shelves that will slide out.  Our mini beverage fridge will slide in to the left below these shelves.  We will then have lots of space for shoes.  Bam.  Now if it was only that easy to execute.

We're also going to bead board the ceiling.  Nate hasn't agreed to this one yet but I'll let the peer pressure from the internet get in his head.

Another potential victim is the powder room.  I have a love/hate relationship with the stenciled walls.  They look great in photos and kind of "meh" in person. I see every tiny imperfection.  I wish I could photograph the imperfections but it always magically looks better through the lens.  Lame.  Also, I got lazy and didn't stencil the whole thing and it's kind of weird.  I really want to slather new paint all over it.  We'll see. I do know that we need a larger mirror and potentially a new light at the very least.

This side of our bedroom needs help.  I sort of want a new dresser.  Something a little more our current style.  Also, the top should probably look like 30 year olds live here and not early 20-somethings.  Nate hung some giant monstrous tv after I took this photo so now I'm really at a loss as to what to do.  Watch Gilmore Girls in bed?

We're pondering a new kitchen table build.  This table was one of Nate's first projects.  The top boards aren't quite as tight as we would like.  Food gets stuck in them. It's sort of gross.  Vacuuming your table is weird.  He now knows how to tighten them and also fill the gaps with caulk.  We're debating trying the caulk thing on this one first but we're also crazy and tables don't take that long to build.  You just never know around here.

We need a coffee table and end table like yesterday so those will hopefully be in the very near future.

Lastly, Nate has gone off the deep end and wants to replace our upstairs carpet with wood flooring.  I like crazy Nate.  A lot.

That's our thoughts right now. They could change at any moment and probably will?

What project would you be most excited about?