2014 Report Card

It's time to talk about 2014 even though it was so like 2 weeks ago.  Why can't I let go?  Because I have to see how we did on our 2014 house goals.  That's why.  Gosh.  Strangely I am having zero trouble writing the date as 2015.  Maybe because 2014 was kind of boring and I'm thinking 2015 might be a little more exciting.  Maybe that's just wishful thinking.  Boring isn't all bad.  It's better than super lame or horrible.  I digress.

So how'd we do?

Goal 1: Take down the Christmas decor.  Check and check.  I don't remember when I took it down last year but it was before July. This year it was down on January 1st.  Go team.  See that. Winning in 2015.

The house does look pretty naked right now.  Maybe I should add that to 2015's goals.  But easy now, we're still talking 2014.

Goal 2: Fix Nate's car window.  Check and check.  We didn't DIY this. I still make Nate very nervous when I have to drive his car.  (Note to self: learn to drive in 2015.)

Goal 3: Add built-ins to the living room and add mantel.  BOOM.  Knocked this one out of the park.  (Read all about our built-ins and mantel plus links to other living room projects here!)

Goal 4: Finish the office.  We made pretty decent progress on the office in 2014.  I'd say we're about 3/4 done.  Not too shabby.  We need to clean up the built-ins and work on the wall opposite the couch.

 DIY card catalog, industrial shelves ,new couch and curtains and wall color, vintage trunk turned coffee table

Goal 5: Update our living room decor/furniture. We got a good start on this. Our new chair and rug added a little life into our newly remodeled room.  We still need an end table and coffee table.  For which we have plans.  Get. Excited.

Goal 6: Clean up the mudroom ceiling.  Eh.  We did install a new schoolhouse light fixture.  Because our florescent light died and we had to do something.  So I half won.  There is no beadboard on the ceiling.  Only holes from the florescent light.  So I guess I totally lost.

Goal 7. Build a work bench in the garage.  Yeah.  Didn't even remotely happy.  We were lucky if the garage was only a moderate disaster.

Extra lofty goals: Add crown molding to the master bedroom and powder room.   Rip up the carpet and install wood floors in the bedroom.  Work on our mess of a basement We did none of these.  It's cool.

I'm actually always impressed at how much we do accomplish in a year.  The blog is good motivation to get stuff done.  Off to think about 2015 ideas!

How'd you do with home goals in 2014?  How about personal goals?