Books I've Read Lately

I've been sort of over the internet lately.  I went from a major addiction to not touching my laptop for a week. But what does one do if they aren't obsessively checking all things interwebs?  They play Trivia Crack and read books.  Lots of crack.  Lots of books.  The summary of the past few weeks of my life.

I know a lot of you are readers (of the books) so I thought I'd share my latest reads in case you're looking for your next book to devour.

First up is Amy Stearman's Altered. Amy is actually one of my friends I met through blogging. She has since retired her blog to become a famous writer. Amy is extremely talented and my mind is still blown that real people actually write books. Really good books. Vampire/paranormal books aren't generally my thing but when your friend writes a book, you read it. I honestly got sucked into this one. The story line and the characters are all very well developed which helped my brain deal with the whole vampire stuff. Also, I'm sort of terrified to be friends with Amy beings this book was so messed up good. But I'm equally concerned she's actually a vampire so I don't want to risk making her angry. This books gets a big ol' A+ from me. (Warning, it gets a little steamy at the end. Don't blame me. Blame Amy's dirty mind.)
The Forgotten Garden worked it's way to the top of one of my favorite books of all time. This book is about two women who try to uncover their family's secret past. I would think I had the story line figured out and it would taken a totaly unexpected twist. I can't wait to read more of Kate Morton's books!
I really enjoyed The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion. I feel like Meghan Daum and I could be good friends. Puppies excite her more than babies and she doesn't really like doing tasks she's not good at. This book is a collection of 10 personal essays and I enjoyed 9 of the 10. (She lost me in the whole Joni Mitchell thing.) Not too bad of odds.
Yes Please surprised me. I thought it would be a lot funnier. (Like Bossypants where I died laughing the majority of the book.) It wasn't extremely well written but I did enjoy reading about Poehler's life. If that makes sense. (This is why I don't write books.) I wouldn't say it was a favorite but I had no trouble finishing it.
I had to force myself to finish Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned" if that tells you anything about this book. I fell for the hype this book was receiving but I just don't get it. It wasn't very funny and Dunham is pretty pretentious. I'd totally skip this one.

Have you read anything good lately?