How to Build a Cabinet Door

Today I want to write about funny/awesome things.  But I keep getting e-mails, comments and social media requests for a darn cabinet door tutorial.  What's with you all wanting to learn stuff?  Lame.

Oh, good blogs teach you things?  Weird. 

Your wish shall be granted.  Just don't get used to it. I don't like being told what to do. ;)

How To Build a Cabinet Door
How to Build a Cabinet Door

Just like the built-ins "tutorial", this is more of a cabinet door building guide.  We're assuming that most people will not have the exact same size living room cabinets that we do.  Nate has supplied our dimensions in the followings SketchUp but you will need to adjust accordingly for your cabinets.

You will need:

Cut your boards to desired length.

Drill two pocket holes on both ends of the vertical boards.  Attach horizontal boards with 1 1/4" pocket hole screws and wood glue.

How to Build a Cabinet Door

Use a router with a square router bit set to a depth to just over 1/4".  Route inside back of the door.  The router will leave a rounded corner.  Use a wood chisel to square out the corner.

Cut the 1/4" plywood to desired size to fit inside routed frame.

Apply construction adhesive to inside of routed edge.  Place plywood on top.

How to Build a Cabinet Door

Put something heavy on top of the door while the glue dries.  (You could also use small brad nails or staples.  We were confident the glue would hold just fine.)

How to Build a Cabinet Door

Fill gaps on the front with wood filler. Fill pocket holes on the back with wood filler.  Caulk around inside edge where plywood meets the frame for a more finished look (front and back).

How to Build a Cabinet Door

Sand, prime and paint.

Attach doors using cabinet hardware (link to our hardware above).  Attach handles.