Vintage Trunk Turned Coffee Table

Ike is so excited to share with you our new office coffee table.  Well, it's actually a vintage trunk that we made into a coffee table. 

Vintage Trunk Made Into a Coffee Table

Either way, he's seriously pumped.  Can you tell?

We purchased this trunk for $10 at the What Cheer Flea Market in October.  Seriously.  $10. 

Nate and I were checking it out.  We both decided that we liked it but we just weren't sure where we would put it.  As we were walking away, the vendor yelled "It's yours for $10."  And we both were like "Eh.  But where were will we put it? Our garage doesn't need any more junk."  About two minutes later, we both decided we should go back and get it.  I mean $10!  You can't pass that up.

Vintage Trunk Made Into a Coffee Table

Turns out that it's the perfect addition to our office.  It was a little short so we added these round bun feet from Osborne Wood Products.  I love how the feet add height and a little quirk without taking away from the awesomeness of the trunk.

To attach the feet, Nate figured out where each foot would sit nicely. He drilled a hole where the center of each foot would be.  He also drilled a hole in the center of each foot. He put a screw through the top of the trunk base and screwed on the feet.

We're getting pretty close to adding this room to the "finished" list.

Ike's gotta run.  Guess the trunk doesn't excite him as much as it does Nate and I.  Oh well.