Andes Mint Cookies

I have a confession.  I'm on a cookie only diet for the past 3 meals.  (True story.)  It's okay.  They're all from scratch.

I'm sure it's bound to catch up with me.  I am sort of craving a clementine.  Maybe I'll just drink some sangria?

I'm going to share some of my favorite holiday baking recipes over the next few days. Mainly so I don't have to dig through my mess of a recipe box next year.  Blog good. Recipe box bad.

First up are some Andes Mint cookies that are a family favorite of Nate's.  

Andes Mint Cookies 4.jpg

I always get nervous making family favorites.  I would really hate to screw them up.  I made my first batch of these for a cookie exchange hosted by NewlyWoodwards.  This recipe is perfect for cookie exchanges because it makes a lot (~80) and they package easily.

Andes Mint Cookies {decor and dog}

And they were so easy to make that I didn't screw them up.  Nate even thought they tasted like his mom's.  Excellent.

Andes Mint Cookies {decor and the dog}

They are also Santa approved.  Always important.

Now for the recipe.  Right click to print!

Andes Mint Cookies {decor and the dog}
Andes Mint Cookies {decor and the dog}
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