Dolly's Mix: A Party Snack Mix

Happy Monday morning!  Nate, Ike and I have been enjoying a laid back weekend with my family.  I'm pretty sure the only things I have done in the past two days is eat, crochet, nap, crochet, eat, nap, crochet.  You get the idea.  I even got bored once or twice.  I haven't been bored in ages.  It's been amazing.

My mom told us that she cut back on baking.  Which means there are only 87 varieties of cookies and snacks instead of 98.

Dolly's Mix: A Party Snack Mix {decor and the dog}

Nate and I both demanded Dolly's Mix.  Dolly's Mix is the absolute best snack mix in the world.  I broke down and asked my mom for the recipe.  I was pretty sure it included something illegal in it because it's so amazingly delicious.

Dolly's Mix: A Party Snack Mix

Turns out the amazingness is from popcorn oil and ranch dressing packets.  It all makes sense now.  I should be disgusted but it tastes too good for me to care.  Sorry arteries.  I'll eat something healthy later this week.

This is a recipe my mom has been making for years.  She's not sure of the source other than a co-worker from the past.

Dolly's Mix A Party Snack Mix

I've gotta go sucker punch my brother and steal the Dolly's Mix bag he just opened.  (Yay, exercise.)

Dolly's Mix A Party Snack Mix {decor and the dog}

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