Chicago Weekend + Dare to DIY Features

Last Wednesday night....

Nate:  *hands me a wrapped box*  "You need to open this tonight."

Michelle:  "Ummm.  It's not Christmas. I don't want to open it."

Nate: "You need to open it tonight."

Michelle:  "But I don't want to open it.  Why are you being weird?"

Nate:  "You're being weird. Open it."

Inside was tickets to see Elf the Musical in Chicago.  He had a hotel booked.  Activities planned. The whole shebang. 

Chicago Weekend

Michelle:  "Is this for real?  THIS weekend.  The weekend I have so many very important things today."

Nate: "Yeah. I knew you'd freak out so I'm giving you a few days to adjust.  You'll have fun.  I"ll help with the other stuff."

Sometimes your husband surprises you.  And it's good.  I truly don't remember what all of those "important" things were.  We had a very wonderful, relaxing weekend.  And now I'm going to bore you with it.  Because blogging is good record keeping and my memory is bad.

We ended up leaving Friday night instead of the planned Saturday morning due to a snow storm.  We left after work and managed to beat the storm.  We stayed at the Hyatt (thanks, Priceline) and woke up to this view.  Check out Navy Pier there in the middle..

Chicago Weekend

It snowed the entire day.  We dressed appropriately and loved seeing the city covered in snow.

We started with breakfast at Yolk.  A favorite for both of us.

Chicago Weekend

Yeah, that's cinnamon roll French toast.  I think I could eat it for every meal.

We then decided to walk around downtown.  We stopped at the Christkindlmarket and checked out the store fronts on State street.

Chicago Weekend
Chicago Weekend

Next we hit up Millennium Park for an obligatory "bean" shot. Or three.  Or 60.

That's us in the Santa hats.  I kid.

Chicago Weekend 8.jpg
Chicago Weekend

We watched people fall on their hineys.  I think I could have sat here all day.  Fun fact.  I can't skate.  Any kind.  I am not meant to glide.  But I sure do enjoy watching other people try.  Okay, I think I mainly like watching the failing part.  It makes me feel better about my lack of skating skills.

Chicago Weekend

We ate some Chicago style pizza.  We headed to the musical which was really cute.  The story line is different than the musical. Once we both got over that we really enjoyed it.  It ended up not getting over until 10:45 (we're old).  So we headed to bed. Because we're old. 

We got up early on Sunday morning to grab some Glazed and Infused donuts and headed back to the land of cornfields and lack of amazing donuts.

Chicago Weekend

Fabulous weekend. I truly lucked out in the husband department.  He's a keeper.  

Now it's time to check out some features from this week's Dare to Deck the Halls.  Two of my favorites were the nutcracker door from Desert Domicile.  It's so festive!  I also adore these paper ball ornaments from Nalle's House. I must make some next year!!!

Dare to Deck the Halls Features

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I have some recipes to share.  Probably sporadically throughout the weekend.  See you then!