Under Cabinet Lighting

Nate and I actually completed a few house projects this week-end.  What the what?  Weird. I know. 

Nate had been casually looking for lighting for under our kitchen cabinets.  We gave no thought to under cabinet lighting when we were building.  Things can get a little dark at night while cooking/baking.  House building fail.

Kitchen cabinet lighting

Luckily there are many options for wireless lighting.  We choose this…

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

We purchased two sets.  They were $35 per set at Sam’s.  (I detest shopping at Sam’s but Nate likes it.  Sam’s always ends in me needing anger management courses.)  They were a one time buy so we bit the bullet and purchased them. 

The lighting is wireless and has a remote switch.  You can hook multiple sets up to one switch.  We wanted a switch because we are lazy.  We will be more likely to use the lights if it’s one easy switch versus turning on multiple lights.

The installation was easy.  Each set came with 2 light bars, some adhesive strips (like the 3M strip), screws, and a remote switch.  We chose to use the adhesive strips over the screws.  We may regret this decision when we need to change the batteries.  (We thought of this about 3/4 through the installation.) 

kitchen cabinet lighting

We inserted the batteries and applied the adhesive strips to the ends. Nate found the middle of the underside of the cabinets and stuck the bar firmly in place.

kitchen cabinet lighting

Ike supervised from his favorite position in the living room…


15 minutes later, we had under cabinet lighting.

kitchen cabinet lighting

Lighting controlled by a fancy remote switch that is hidden away but still easy to access.

kitchen cabinet lighting

Pretty during the day…

under cabinet lighting

And in the evening…

kitchen cabinet lighting

Any thoughts on under cabinet lighting?  Any fellow Sam’s Club haters?  Any other lazy people that need remotes for everything?

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