Stool Survey

First, I wanted to title this post "Stool Sample"... because it would be funny.  Unfortunately it didn't really make sense.  There is, however, a survey at the end.  Rumor has it you all like too!!!

Nate and I are currently disagreeing on a home purchase.  For the most part, we agree on items that need purchased for our home.  So this disagreeing thing is weird.  And annoying…for one of us.

We don't do that cheesy home decor blog thing where we both have to agree on an item.  We just annoy the other into liking it. Done.

One of us is madly in love with these stools from World Market. The other is not.  I will not specify who has what opinion.  We need to keep the post impartial.

via World Market

One of us thinks the World Market stools would look quite lovely in our kitchen.  The other does not.


One of us thinks the black saddle stools are just okay.  The other thinks they are super okay.

One of us thinks the World Market stools would add a little more interest to the island. The other thinks they are “super ugly.”

One of us is slightly concerned that the metal is too different from the rest of the stainless.  The other of us thinks the stools are dumb.

What do you think?  We want honest opinions.  You won’t hurt either of our feelings.   One of us will just have the pride of knowing they have better taste than the least with regards to stools.