Holiday Home Tour 2017 (Living Room)

It's Christmas house tour time!

Final  2 Christmas House Tour 2017-54.jpg

We've had our halls mostly decked since the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It's been our tradition for the past 5 years or so.  We travel for Thanksgiving so we decorate the Sunday before and just pretend it's not there until we leave mid-week (because who wants to overshadow Thanksgiving? Mmmm, pie.). And then we come home to a Winter wonderland!  

Final 11 Christmas House Tour 2017-124-2.jpg

(Do you spy the dog looking for leftovers in Clark's booster seat?  Nothing but professional photos around these parts.)

Part of couch buying decision making process included making sure we had room our Christmas tree.  It works really well in this spot.  First holiday crisis avoided.

We've got the decorating of the 12' tree down to a science. We did have a fuse issue that left the top half of our tree dark for a few days but all is well again. Phew. Second holiday crisis avoided.

The ornaments are nothing fancy and there's a concentration of them unevenly spaced at the bottom. Everyone asks how we keep Clark out of the tree.  We have a few kid friendly ornaments picked out that Clark is allowed to move around. He's a rule follower like his parents so this is working to our advantage. He keeps repeating "Mine decorated that. Hang the ornaments."  It's pretty darling.  He is quite bossy though and demands the lights on during his awake hours.  No arguments here.

Final 1 Christmas House Tour 2017-7.jpg
Final 3 Christmas House Tour 2017-21.jpg

We splurge on fresh garland for the mantel.  The smell is worth every single penny. Nate and I both agree it's not Christmas until there is pine smelling garland in the house!  And a mess of pine needles on the floor.

Final 4 Christmas House Tour 2017-25.jpg

I really hate clutter so I replace a few items that normally live on our bookshelves with some vintage finds. Like that elf.  He's not one of those hipster trouble making elves. He's old. And doesn't move and has zero magical powers. I will not succumb to elf peer pressure.  (This is more of a pep talk for my future self.)

Final 8 Christmas House Tour 2017-34.jpg
Final 6 Christmas House Tour 2017-30.jpg

Ike is dreaming of dog bones and day where he isn't bossed around by a toddler. 

Final 7 Christmas House Tour 2017-33.jpg
Final 9 Christmas House Tour 2017-51.jpg

I'll share some other spots around the house later this week or next. Until then here's a peek into our kitchen. 

Final 10 Christmas House Tour 2017-117.jpg


I hope you enjoyed the tour! I'll be back with more once I'm done watching like ten terrible Christmas romance movies on Netflix (Hit me up with your recommendations)!  I'm clearly terribly busy so this post may need to wait until next week.

Living Room Updates

What do normal people with a toddler and dog do when it comes to furniture buying?  Oh, they don't buy new furniture?  Weird.  But what if they fall in love with beautiful blue velvet couches and their husband answers "Whatever, sure" when they ask if getting new furniture is in the budget. With that kind of answer, you totally buy all of the couches before said husband realizes what he's done.

Okay, we actually had a pretty lengthy discussion on whether or not buying new furniture with a toddler was a dumb decision and if it aligned with our current goal of paying off our mortgage in the next few years. I pulled up these lovely Sven sofas from Article and Nate was surprisingly totally on board.  I figured blue velvet and on-line ordering would rule him out. But he also liked the style, price point and the fact that we didn't have to step foot in a furniture store.  We're firm believers in creating a happy, stylish home that isn't dictated by a tiny person.  We decided to go for it.

I'll do a full review of ordering through Article next week. I mean, who buys a couch without sitting on it? The same crazy people buying new furniture with a toddler, I guess.  Spoiler: We're super happy with our purchase! (Let me know if you have specific questions you'd like answered in my next post!)

The couches are extremely comfortable and the upholstery is stunning. 

They spot clean easily (looking at you toddler snot) and the totally random bonus is that the Roomba can clean underneath them. Winning.

The couches have added just the right amount of quirk to our living room. (We've since added two Article chairs that I'll post about soon too. I started this post back in like March. #truestory)

Living Room 2017-14.jpg

It's crazy to look back at our past living room decor.  It's fun to see how our space has evolved.  

I wonder how blue sofas are going to fair 10 years from now? Only time will tell but for now we love them! If nothing else, I'll think back fondly to the memories of our toddler wiping his nose on them while giggling and then kissing the dog.


Living Room Updates {IKEA Stockholm Rug}

Living Room Updates {IKEA Stockholm Rug}

Ike is pretty pumped.  He has a new chair.  Now all he needs is a robe and a cigar. 

We've talked to him about the dangers of smoking.  He swears he'll only use the cigar as a prop.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I picked up the Strandmon chair.  Nate and I both liked it's quirk and velvety fabric.

Ike likes that it makes him look extra sophisticated.

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Living Room Built-Ins "Tutorial" + Cost

Living Room Built-Ins "Tutorial" + Cost

Today is a very important day!  It's Nate's birthday!  The big 33.  So old.  Luckily he appears to be getting better with age. 

To celebrate Nate becoming elderly, let's discuss how he built our living room built-ins.  This post is heavy on pictures.  Light on words.  Just like my husband.  Pretty on the eyes, easy on the ears.

Pretend that makes sense.

We recently revealed the finished built-ins.

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How to Decorate Bookshelves

How to Decorate Bookshelves

Alternate Title:  Bookshelf Styling for Dummies by a Dummy

Sooo, I debated even writing this post.  I don't consider styling one of my life strengths.  Napping, yes.  Dog snuggling, yes.  Repainting every room in my house, yes.  Styling no.

I am, however, happy with how the styling on our living room built-ins turned out.  I mentioned previously that I still plan to add more books but I think this is the max amount of knick-knacks these shelves will see.  I'm in the camp that bookshelves should hold mainly books.  There is a "bookshelves full of things" camp too.  I'll let you decide how you want to spend your Summer.  No judgement on this end.

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How Install a Barn Beam Mantel

How Install a Barn Beam Mantel

Before we talk about how we installed our fancy barn beam mantel, I would like to send extra happy vibes out to my fellow retail pharmacists.  Hydrocodone (a pain med) becomes a schedule II medication today.  That means lots more paper work and annoyance for pharmacy staff.  If you're picking up a med today, be extra nice to your pharmacist.  We'll totally appreciate any friendliness we can get!

Anywho, enough boring day job talk.  Let's talk about how we installed our barn beam mantel. 

Last week we shared our built-in cabinets.  Part of our built-in plan was to update the fireplace/mantel.  I picked up this barn beam from a craft night friend a few months back. It was pretty much meant to become our new mantel. Unfortunately it had to sit in our garage until just recently.  I whispered sweet nothings to it as I would walk by on our nightly walks.  I promised I'd give it a proper place in our home as quickly as I could boss Nate around.

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Adding Molding to a Wall

Adding Molding to a Wall

I have so many blog post ideas I don't even know where to start.  Totally makes up for my slacking this Summer, right?  The correct answer is "Absolutely, slacker!"

Not only are our built-ins complete but our molding wall is also finished.

Checking things off the living room list left and right.

As a refresher, here's how we started the Summer.  SO MUCH BEIGE.

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Living Room Built-In Cabinets

Living Room Built-In Cabinets

The unthinkable has happened.  We finally finished our living room built-ins.  We didn't think the day would ever arrive.  But it did.  Turn outs it was totally work all of the work.  Okay fine, let's be real.  It was totally worth all of Nate's work.

Ike agrees.  He's pumped that his people might finally be able to sit down on the weekends again.

We've been working on this room since June so it's nice to see the end.  We hosted a party this weekend which was a great extra push to add the finishing touches.  Like doors.  And books.

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Replacing the Living Room Carpet

Replacing the Living Room Carpet

It's time for a living room update!

Here she is.  Pretty, no?  Ike is just happy his loveseat is back in it's proper location.

We last left off talking about our built-ins and mantel. As you can see, we've made some killer progress.  Actually Nate has been kicking built-in hiney.  They are built and painted.  We are hoping to get them installed this weekend and possibly start on the mantel area. 

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