New Kitchen Hardware

Can you believe that we started building our house ten years ago this coming May?  

A lot has changed in home decor trends in 10 years.  As a blogger (Can I even call myself that anymore? Maybe I'll just stick with "someone interested in home decor that shares too much on the internet"), it's hard to stay content with your home.  It's hard to stay happy with your almost 10 year old choices while "everyone else" is moving on to new builds/different homes, gutting their 3 year old kitchens, etc

Total first world issues? Am I right? (I'm right.)

Stepping away from blogging has given me some perspective on enjoying our home.  By not continuously tearing it apart, I've come to appreciate how nice our home really is.  It's provided the perfect backdrop to start our family and make some wonderful lovey-dovey memories.

But (there's always a but, isn't there?), where's the line of contentment versus calming those twitchy things in your head that say "FIX ME. MAKE ME PRETTY."?

After a fairly difficult morning potty training our toddler, I spent nap time sipping iced coffee staring at our kitchen and everything wrong with it. (Normal people do this, right?)  Ugg. The cabinets don't go to the ceiling.  Ugg, our granite has that weird 4" backsplash lip.  Uggg, our island is bar height instead of counter height. Uggg, the hardware.

kitchen before.jpg

After I finished my coffee, I gave myself a pep talk. 

So what do you like about your kitchen?  Well, I like that's white and I still do really like the black granite.  I'd totally do a subway tile backsplash again.  Our kitchen is a great size.  It's perfect for entertaining/meal prep.  Beings I picked all of this out almost 10 years ago (when I was 25 and had zero clue what I was doing), I actually did fairly decent.

What would be something easy to check off your "uggg" list from above that might calm your twitchy brain that doesn't involve a gut job (because that would be expensive/wasteful/dumb)? Hmmm.  The cabinet height and island are things that are fixable but not exactly easy.  Hardware! Hardware I can do! (Nate was on board as long as I did all of the work myself. Mainly because he thought I wouldn't do it. I'LL SHOW YOU, HUSBAND!)

Kitchen 2018-26.jpg

I spent the rest of nap time searching for new hardware.  My options were slightly limited because I wanted to work with my existing hardware holes. (I was afraid filling/painting holes would look cheap and messy.)

I settled on these pulls for the doors.

Kitchen 2018-9.jpg
Kitchen 2018-15.jpg

After they arrived, I spent the next two weeks installing them.  My lack of patience and short attention span limited me to about 4 per night but I did it all myself. (I'm pretty sure Nate thought it would take me a year to complete.)

Kitchen 2018-17.jpg

Making one fairly small change to update our elderly kitchen has given me fresh perspective. 

Now if only I can figure out how to keep it this clean.  I want to blame the toddler, husband and/or dog but I'm the one that spilled an entire pot of pasta across the room last night. #makingmemories

Kitchen 2018-31.jpg

I hope I've encouraged some of you to take a fresh perspective on your home.  Room updates don't have to be dramatic to make a huge impact. What's a small change that you could make to your home?

New Kitchen Curtains

New Kitchen Curtains

I finally made a curtain decision.  It's definitely a bolder choice than I would normally make.  Bold equals scary.  I'm now into scary.  Maybe I'm even grown-up enough for horror films?  Wait. No.  Too scary.

I spent one night Googling "Are black curtains a good idea or a bad idea?".  You don't see black curtains often. (Although, I have seen them pop up more and more lately.)   I kept thinking there is probably a reason.  Eh. I figured I'd order some and give it a try.  (I went with the Threshold Grommet in black.)

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I've Lost My Mind....ful Gray

I've Lost My Mind....ful Gray

Update:  I've officially lost my mind.  But my kitchen has a pretty new paint color, Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey.

Our house is suffering from a bad case of snowball effect.  I had ZERO intention of painting our kitchen.  Until we painted the rest of the first floor Mindful Grey.  The Svelte Sage of the kitchen was disrupting the flow of the first floor.  Also the cream curtains started to really look yellow next to our newly painted white wall of molding.  This is the only photo I could find to explain the situation (blogger fail).  The walls colors actually look pretty similar here but the flow issue was there.  Trust me.  (You can check out more photos of our old kitchen color here.)

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Kitchen Backsplash: Subway Tile Edition

Our backsplash is done! Our backsplash is done!

Install a Kitchen Backsplash without Mortar!
Install a Kitchen Backsplash without Mortar!

We had intended on installing a backsplash soon after we moved in…almost four years ago. I’m glad we waited because we had originally planned for a mosaic tile backsplash. Sometimes laziness patience pays off and you end up finding a perfect fit for your kitchen.  I like mosaic backsplashes but I think the subway tile ended up being a better fit for our overall design style.  (I act like I know what I’m talking about because I write a blog with the word “Décor” in the title.)

Our ivory cabinets made finding the perfect tile a challenge.  We ended up choosing the Imperial Bone Gloss subway tile from The Tile Shop.  The employees in the Des Moines store were awesome to work with.  (Not a sponsored post, just the facts.) We used Delorian Grey Premixed Grout. Contrasting grout is a love it or hate it type of thing. We both loved the look of it so we went for it. Good choice.

Install a Kitchen Backsplash without Mortar!

Installing the tile was fairly easy.  We used the Tile Setting Mat from the Simple Mat in place of mortar. Cleaning the dark grout off of the ivory tiles was less easy.  We’ll share our thoughts on the Tile Setting Mat tomorrow. I think I will also share some things to think about when installing a backsplash in a later post. 

This project wasn’t the cheapest.  The tile for the entire kitchen cost us ~$280.  We also had $100 in supplies.  (Luckily we had a $100 gift card to the Home Depot from a previous blog thing.  We paid the Home Depot $0.11.  It was pretty awesome.)  The cost was worth it to class the joint up.

Install a Kitchen Backsplash without Mortar!

It kind of looks like grown ups live here.  Weird.

Install a Kitchen Backsplash without Mortar!
Install a backsplash.jpg

Did you think we would ever finish this project (darn old age!)?  What are your thoughts on contrasting grout?  Do you prefer subway or mosaic tile or do you have a love for both?


Stroll Down Memory Lane- Siding

I’ve been slacking the on the look back at our house building process.  Mainly because we didn’t take many pictures during this time period because we were doing super fun things like wiring and plumbing.  Not very photo worthy.

The last time we looked back, the house got some mortarless brick…

It was then time for the siding on the front…

Wasn’t our yard beautiful?? Love it.

We also finished siding the back of the house.  We hired the guy that framed the house to do the REALLY high siding.  DIY stops at a safe height…at least for Nate’s mom and I.

There you have it! Roughly 3 years ago.

What were you up to 3 years ago at this time?  I was about a month into being a pharmacist.  I worked 8-5 and then went to work on the house from about 6-9/10ish.  Every day.  I’m not sure how I did it.  I can barely manage to clean for an hour at night now…let alone paint all of the trim in the house. Craziness!