Kitchen Backsplash Follow Up

Happy Monday!  While Nate and I recover from a fun weekend in Chicago (and Ike recovers from a vacation with his grandparents), we'll start the week out with a quick update here on Decor and the Dog. I'll share our Chicago adventures later this week! 

I've been getting quite a few questions about our backsplash.  I can't believe it's been two years since we installed it.  Time flies when you get old.

The Tile Mat Update

I also still can't believe how much of a difference a backsplash can make in a kitchen!  Installing the backsplash is probably one of my favorite DIY projects that we have completed.

The questions I have been getting have been related to The Tile Setting Mat that we used to install our backsplash.  The Tile Setting Mat cuts out the need for mortar.  You can read our full review on the mat here!

As you can tell in the photos, the backsplash tile is still sticking!  We honestly have had zero issues with any of the tiles falling or even being lose.  I'm close to needing to be medicated for OCD (no, for real) and this backsplash has stood up to my scrubbing.

Would we install our backsplash without mortar if we were to do it again today?  YES! YES! YES!

But we won't do it again.  Because that sounds horrible.

In other housekeeping new:

  • A quick reminder.  I'm co-hosting a Do-It-Herself workshop at The Home Depot in Urbandale, Iowa on Thursday evening!  If you're not local, all The Home Depot stores are hosting the event.  Register here!
  • Did you check out Thursday's holiday post? I think I'll give in and start decorating this weekend.  If it's going to be freezing cold there might as well be twinkling lights, right?  Right!

Planning to add a backsplash anytime soon? Are you also recovering from a stellar weekend?