Grown-Up Stuff Like Rug Pads

I always thought at age 33 I would be a totally responsible grown-up. I would do grown-up things like have a job and a clean house.  I actually handle those parts of grown-up life pretty darn well.  It's things that I had never thought of that get me.  Things like buying athletic socks and windshield washer fluid.  No one does that stuff for you.  It's so weird.

Grown-up house needs always surprise me too.  My early 20-something self had no clue things like air filters needed changed or that a rug pad could rock your world.

We knew when purchasing our IKEA Stockholm rug that we would need a quality rug pad.  We loved the graphic look of the rug but it's not super thick and I was worried about it sliding around.  We do have a furry roommate that occasionally (okay, daily) runs through the house like a crazy man.

In addition to staying put, we needed something that wouldn't ruin our new wood flooring.  I'm also pretty weird about chemicals and smells especially with rugs and flooring. We ended up going with the Ultra Premium Non Slip rug pad from Rug Pad Corner.  This rug pad promised to be non slip, comfortable, safe for our hardwood, organic (no chemicals or off-gas) and it's made in the USA.  It definitely matched all of our criteria but would it pass my final approval?

It totally did.  I will now forever be a rug pad snob.  I provided the exact dimensions of our rug to Rug Pad Corner.  (They cut the rug pads about 1 inch less on the sides so the rug lays nicely.)  The rug pad arrived quickly. (But I had to wait awhile for our floors to darken before I could test it out.  Womp, womp.)  We've now been living with it for about 4 months and it's awesome. 

It rolled out easily (no funky bumps or creases).  There was zero smell which I appreciated a lot. (They use a fancy heat pressing system that eliminates the need for glue and adhesives.) This also makes the pad safe for hardwood floors, as well as all other hard surfaces.

The rug pad adds a nice layer of cushion to the thinner rug.  It's just the right amount of squishy.  I like that it adds the comfort factor but you can't visibly tell there is a rug pad being used.  Most importantly, it doesn't move.  It's been able to handle the shenanigans of this wild dude.

That's no easy task!

Now to get to work on a coffee table to get this place fully looking like grown-ups live here!

What's your least favorite grown-up task?  What's your most shocking but yet favorite grown-up item to own?  Any fellow rug pad snobs?

***Thanks to Rug Pad Corner for supplying us the rug pad for review.  (And for being extra patient with the length of time it took me to write this thing!  It's always good to fully test out a product!)***