Vacation Life

It's funny how fast time goes on vacation.  Sort of rude too.

Nate and I are thoroughly enjoying our time here in Sanibel.  The weather could get it's act together but it is still better than Iowa's so we won't complain.  I mean, it's 37 back home right now and 74 here.  Why don't we live in Florida?

I had planned to blog more but we've taken most of our photos with the DSLR.  Nate likes to shoot them in fancy photographer mode (RAW) and the laptop we brought doesn't have any fancy photo editing software.  #bloggerfail

Here's what we've been up to according to fancy phone photos.  So basically a lot of Instagram food photos.

Monday: A fabulous beach day! 

We lounged on the beach from 10-12:30.  Took a break for lunch followed by a nap (for me) and (reading for Nate).  We then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  We headed to The Island Cow for supper!  Nate enjoyed his grouper tacos.  I tried to not be bitter about him eating the deliciously high in mercury grouper.

Tuesday: A rainy, rainy day.  The weather wasn't so stellar on Tuesday.  It was rainy and stormy up until about 3pm. Our view isn't so shabby though.

We did old people things like watch The Price is Right and read parenting books on the lanai.  The storms did break for a few hours.  We decided to test out the two bikes that came with the condo.  Neither of us had ridden a bike in about 8 years so it was adventure.  I graduated from super drunk rider to 6 year old rider in the miles that we covered.  Nate let me blame the beach cruiser type bike because he struggled a little with control also. 

We met up with an old friend of mine for supper at the Lazy Flamingo. It's always fun to catch up!  Especially when you haven't seen each other in like 10 years.

Wednesday: The morning was pretty bleh again.  There were heavy storms overnight and the rain hadn't completely moved out.  We did head out on a long walk.  We checked out a nature trail (I was hoping to find an alligator.  From a safe distance, of course.  No luck.) and a new beach. 

The afternoon was a little nicer and we were able to sneak in a few hours of beach time.  We were both feeling pizza so we hit up Island Pizza for supper.

Thursday: Sugar comatose day!  Nate woke up early and we had previously planned to bike to donuts.  The radar didn't look promise so we drove instead.  We enjoyed a delicious maple bacon, a maple toffee chocolate and a Boston cream donut from Bennett's.

The donuts were tasty.  Not quite Glazed and Infused tasty but still good.  I also enjoyed my first caffeine in four months in the form of an amazing iced coffee.  The rain appeared to be breaking up so we decided to check out the lighthouse.

(I find it sort of ironic that I managed to capture the "restrooms" sign in this photo.)

The lighthouse itself is a quick visit.  We spent some time at the beach near the lighthouse and we saw a ton of dolphins and other wildlife (mainly creepy birds).  The rain appeared to be breaking up so we took another bike ride. 

We hit up the beach in the afternoon even though it was cloudy and actually pretty cool.

Supper was at George and Wendy's where I was able to eat a delicious low in mercury fish sandwich followed by more ice cream at Pinocchio's.  Nate really wanted to try this sundae so I offered to split it with him.  We now both have Type II diabetes.  (Also, I would like to thank the Gap for trying to make elastic waist shorts a thing this Summer.  My growing baby belly/ice cream thanks you!)

Today and tomorrow's forecast looks lovely.  I see lots more beach reading and biking in our future.  Sunday it's back to reality but luckily that includes our squishy faced pup!