Sanibel, FL VRBO Condo

Greetings from Florida!  That's right, Nate and I have ditched Iowa for a week.  It's time for some sun, palm trees and ocean views.  (Don't worry, we have house sitters and a security system.  Ike is vacationing with his grandparents where he has endless treats and snuggles.)

I'm thinking about blogging this trip as we go. I usually like to unplug on vacation but I've been pretty unplugged for the past few months.  I am starting to miss blogging and I have some time to kill in the mornings.  I usually wake up at 6-6:30 and Nate won't be up until 9-10.  Blogging may help keep me entertained and let poor Nate sleep longer.  Or I might lose interest and you all will hear from me next week. ;)

I've mentioned in the past that we like to rent condos on vacation.  (Read about our Maui experience here.)  Condos allow us to save on food.  We generally eat breakfast and lunch in and head out for supper.  We did, however, find a delicious looking donut shop that will be a trip requirement.  Let's blame the baby.

In true Nate and Michelle fashion, we put off booking our trip until about a month or so ago.  Available condos were obviously limited but we are happy with where we ended up.  (I'll post the VRBO link once we are back home in case you're interested.)

The condo is a 1 bedroom yet studio-esque.  It's clean, quiet and has a great view.

Luckily there is a folding door that separates the living room and bedroom.  This works great for a night owl husband and early bird wife.

The creepy bird photo above the bed would probably be my biggest complaint.  WHY????

But the view totally makes up for it.  Nate clearly didn't care enough to make sure that the ocean was in view in this photos. But trust me, it's fantastic.

The outdoor space is perfect.  A little table for breakfast.  A lounge area for beer (him) and LaCroix (her) at night.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head off to the office.  Which has more sun and sand than my one back home. Weird.