Pondering the Powder Room

What a good start to this Monday.  The sun is shining.  We're supposed to hit 50 degrees.  There's a chance we may have survived another Winter in Iowa!

My family was in town this weekend to celebrate my birthday.  We did our usual eating and thrifting adventures.  My brother commented that Decor and the Dog has been lame lately.  To which I replied "Your face is lame...and you're right."  He then called me lazy.  I then asked him how many DIY projects he's completed since January.  He replied that he painted a monkey.  I didn't ask further questions (mainly because I was terrified of the answer) but called it a tie.  I guess I'm becoming a normal human being that doesn't destroy their house every 2 seconds.  I'm sure it's just a phase.

I've been stuck on the home decorating front. I can't commit to anything. It feels so long since I've started a project that I don't remember where to start.  But I'm getting bored and that itch is returning.

One of the rooms in our house that I've been pondering a change for is our powder room.  I stenciled the walls back in the day.

I REALLY want to love this room but the stencil is holding me back.  It looks fantastic in photos.  Unfortunately, the stenciling is less that perfect.  I did a nice job of not bleeding with the stencil but the "pixels" aren't as sharp as my OCD self would like.  It's really hard to photograph (because it really wants to always look awesome in photos) but here's a blurry photo to show you what I'm talking about. 

I get that it's not terrible (especially the room as a whole) but it sort of screams "DIY" to me.  And not in a good way. 

I have been thinking hard about painting over the stencil.  It pains me because it took me so long to do but it taught me a valuable lesson.  Don't stencil walls.  I was waffling between dark and light wall colors for the walls above the molding.  I was also considering painting the molding black and the walls white.  My concern with this was what if I ended up hating the black molding and I had to paint over it?  Bleh.  Plus I'd have to paint the walls and the molding and that seemed sort of terrible.

During our a recent road trip, Kim mentioned that she has some Behr Seared Gray that I could have.  The color is gorgeous in her built-ins and I really love blues. Plus it is part of Behr's Marquee line and one coat should cover the stencil.  Free paint plus one coat and done?  Seems too good to be true!  I might even finish this in 2015.

I think my indecisiveness may be coming to an end.  Now who wants to help me paint?