Top 5: Favorite Kitchen Items

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?  It was freezing here but the sun was shining so we counted that as a mini-win.  Nate and I celebrated the sun by going out for pizza and sleeping a lot.  Makes sense, no?  Ike got in some sun bathing on the rug but was disappointed in the lack of walk.  Little dude doesn't understand below zero temperatures.

We don't have a lot on the project front lately but I have a weirdly strong desire to blog this week. I thought I'd start a mini-series sharing our Top 5 Favorites in various life categories.  (If the past is any indication of the future, this will be the only post of this sort that you'll see because I'll lose interest.  Michelle = attention span of gerbil.  Sorry to all offended gerbils.)

Today I'd like to share Nate and I's top 5 favorite kitchen items.  These are tried and true items that we use often.  A few of them were things that I wasn't even sure we actually needed but now I'm not sure we could live without them.  (You know, first world couldn't live without.)

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: I received this stand mixer as a graduation gift from pharmacy school. I might even go through pharmacy school all over again if it meant another KitchenAid mixer. (Wait. Let's not get crazy.) When I first received this mixer, I wasn't sure how much I would use it but this thing takes a beating. I've noticed we use it a ton since we started limiting the amount of processed food that we eat. It's fantastic for baking. We make a lot of dough from scratch and the dough hook makes the process so much easier. We also use it to shred chicken. Our mixer sits out on the counter because we use it so often.
Cuisinart Classic Enameled Cast Iron: Nate bought this off Woot one day on a whim. I sort of thought he was crazy. I really thought this would be one of those things that takes up a ton of space but we use once every two months. This pot gets used at least once a week if not more. It's great for soups and stews. I truly think it makes the best tasting soup. I'm probably fooled by the pretty color but I'm going with it.
Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900: Nate and I have replaced most of our Fruit Loop breakfasts with smoothie breakfasts. We had the original Magic Bullet for years but upgraded to the Nutribullet once it died. (RIP little bullet.) The Nutribullet blends better and faster than the Magic Bullet. I think the efficiency difference is worth the price difference. (Although I am still a big fan of the Magic Bullet.) This gets used daily. Sometimes twice a day. It's easy to clean too which is a big bonus!
Cuisinart Food Processor: This guy has been a life saver since switching to less processed foods. We use it to chop vegetables, shred cheese, blend soups, cut in butter for biscuits, etc. It also gets used at least once a week but often more. Nate asked for this as a gift. It was another gadget that I was unsure of but Nate was right. (Ouch, that's painful.)
Libbey County Fair Drinking Jar: One of my favorite kitchen items is these mason jar glasses. They are adorable and dishwasher safe. They're just one of those things that make you happy when you open your cupboard door. Or they would pretty on open shelving that all of the cool kids are sporting these days.
5 Kitchen Items You Should Own

What's your all time favorite kitchen item?  Do tell!