Curing the Winter Blahs with Minted Art

Man.  Will this Winter ever end?  I keep getting questions of why I haven't been blogging as regularly. 
Well, I was battling some nasty stomach issues for awhile.  Once those resolved, Winter really took hold in Iowa and it's been gloomy and freezing.  I haven't had motivation to do anything productive let alone DIY.  The muscles of this operation is working 80+ hours per week.  Hence, no blog posts.

What have I had the motivation to do?  Snuggle Ike, hit "view next episode on Netflix" and put a lot of things in virtual shopping carts. 

My latest obsession is finding some art for this house.  We don't have a lot of stuff on our walls and beings we've lived here for 6 years now, I should probably work on that.  I've been on the hunt for some prints that are unique and quirky. 

I recently found a bunch of favorites over at Minted. Minted carries products besides greeting cards and invites? Who knew?

I'm trying to channel Spring in any way that I can.  These darling prints make me all warm and fuzzy inside. They'd definitely perk up this place.  That little lamb.  I have a super soft spot for lambs.  One of the only things I miss about our first house is that the field behind that house always had a ton of lambs each Spring.  I guess my lamb looking dog or this print will have to do now!  And peonies.  Don't get me started on peonies. I transplanted a few bushes last year. I hope they make it!

I found a bunch of quirky vintage prints that would look cute on our console table or living room shelves.  I just can't decide!

You all know that I'm a big fan of farm prints.  These three are perfection.  (I'll even excuse a little snow.)  Also, I really want a goat.  I wonder if they are permitted in our covenants.  (Dear in-laws, I'm totally joking.  Sort of.)

Which prints are your favorite?  How are you fighting the Winter blahs?

***Thanks to Minted for providing credit for this post.  The opinions on the awesomeness of these prints are all mine.***