DIY Living Room End Table

Things have been a little slow around here on the DIY front.  Nate's been working super long hours.  Ike and I aren't really handy.  We have been dreaming up a lot of stuff though.  That counts, right?

I've also been on a self imposed spending freeze this month. After spending a good week purging, it motivated me to think a little harder about what comes into this house. I've stayed clear of Target, thrift stores and craft stores.  It feels good to add some extra funds to the savings but ever does a boring house/blog it make. Actually, it feels quite nice just enjoying our house instead of tearing it apart.  I'm sure that feeling won't last long though.

We did manage to complete this end table for the living room.  That we started before the holidays.  Let's not rush things.

End tables are one of those things that you don't give much thought to until you live without one for a few months.  Having a place to rest your drink where your dog can't easily drink out of it feels like such a luxury.

Nate and I both like this end table but we aren't in love with it.  We're not quite sure that it's big enough for the space.  (Even though we designed it ourselves. Fail.)  We hated it at first but it's grown on us.  Now we can't decide if we actually like or if we just like having an end table.  Ike is skeptical too.  (So, he has had zero interest in this table until I go to photograph it.  Now it's the coolest thing in the house.)

What I do love about it is that it has two shelves.  The top can look nice and pretty.  Like respectable adults live here.  The bottom shelf can hold all of our electronic devices (laptop, tablet, Kindle) that live in our living room.  It's like I designed it for this specific purpose.  Wait, I did.  (Plans to come on Wednesday!)

Next up, a coffee table!  Mmm, coffee.