New Kitchen Curtains

I finally made a curtain decision.  It's definitely a bolder choice than I would normally make.  Bold equals scary.  I'm now into scary.  Maybe I'm even grown-up enough for horror films?  Wait. No.  Too scary.

Black Curtains in Kitchen

I spent one night Googling "Are black curtains a good idea or a bad idea?".  You don't see black curtains often. (Although, I have seen them pop up more and more lately.)   I kept thinking there is probably a reason.  Eh. I figured I'd order some and give it a try.  (I went with the Threshold Grommet in black.)

I definitely don't think black curtains are a good choice for every space but I'm liking them in ours.  I asked for a few opinions while trying to decide if they were a good fit.  The initial reactions were similar to my own.  "Whoa. That's bold.  But wait. I like it!"  I'm wondering if it's because we aren't used to seeing black curtains? Again, maybe there is a reason.  If so, it can be one of those things I look back and laugh about later, right?  (If you hate them, it's cool.  You don't need to tell me.  You can just be glad it's not your kitchen, mkay?)

Black curtains.  Black granite. Ivory cabinets. Farmhouse table.  Barnlight lighting.

(I need to figure out Nate's new camera.  My cabinets are ivory but not quite this ivory!)

We did have to beef up our curtain rods though.  Statement curtains need chunky rods.  Noted.  We found these wooden rods at Lowe's for $15.  Where have you been all of life dear chunky yet inexpensive curtain rods?

I know a bunch of you were pushing for pattern.  Pattern still terrifies me.  I'm still traumatized from this experience.  Even though there is clearly A LOT wrong with that picture.  Oy.

I think the black curtains work in our space because the area is bright. I would hate them if the area didn't receive a lot of natural light. They tie in nicely with the counter-tops.  I think they will also work well with the living room remodel!  I'm heading in a black and white with some color (whoa, what?) scheme.  

Black curtains.  Farmhouse table.  Barnlight Lights.

I now kind of think that the patio doors should be painted black.  Nate's not down with that.  Let's give him time.  Or give me time to realize it's a bad idea.