Bye Bye Beige

Ike is concerned.  Both of his parents have gone off the deep end.

Painting a Two Story Living room

If you're new around here.  Let me get you up to speed on how this house works.  I, Michelle, come up with approximately 1 million crazy ideas.  My husband, Nate, keeps things in line by squashing 89% of my ideas.  You'd think this would be a bad thing but my mind is constantly racing.  Paint this.  Rip down that.  Build this.  There needs to be a check and balance.  

Something weird is happening lately.  I'm drinking coffee and Nate is jumping aboard the crazy idea train.  This is amazingly bad.  

Where's the train currently headed?

Painting a Two Story Living Room

All aboard the crazy train to Living Room Remodelville.  See those beige walls.  All two stories of them?  They are going away.  Bye bye beige.  I have hated this color since the very first second it hit the walls.  Nate told me to shove it because we had already purchased 78 gallons of paint for this room and I'd learn to love it.  Fast forward 5.5 years later and it's going buh-bye.

The dog on the floor, however, is staying.

Nate either hates the beige too or is sick of listening to me whine.  Probably 20/80 on that one.  We debated getting quotes on having someone paint it.  We're assuming it would be at least $1000 and we're far too cheap for that.  Instead we hired my little brother to help us.  And by hired, I mean suckered him into it.  Shiny new bathroom in trade for two story living room painting.  Seems fair.

Besides the obvious height issues, this beige (SW Macademia) is EVERYWHERE.  Hallways.  Downstairs.  Upstairs.  EVERYWHERE.

Also notice how it changes in the different areas.  Such a weird color.

Not only are we painting.  We're ripping apart the whole room.

Nate and I usually tell each other everything.  We were both doing secret research this past week.  I called to get a quote to reupholster the furniture.  (Dream big, Michelle.)  Nate was estimating the cost to rip up the carpet and install matching wood flooring.  Spoiler.  He won. Which also means I won.  But the madness doesn't stop there.  Nope.  

That wall of windows will soon be full of molding and the whole thing will be painted white.  Those ladder bookshelves will be replaced with grown-up built-ins. The mantel will become a little more rustic farmhouse.

The fun all starts this weekend.  Who's coming over?  It'll be a great time.  I promise.  I'll have baked goods.  And beer.  Takers?  Anyone?

***cricket chirps***