Diggin' It

 Oh, Friday the 13th.  I'm so glad you're finally here. Well, the Friday part.  Not the 13th part. It's been an extra long work full moon work week for us.  

Nate, Ike and I are also going to have a pretty low key weekend.  We're going to lounge, maybe hit up the Farmer's Market, hike and eat some tasty food.  We're resting up to start a big living room makeover.  Of which we are pumped and terrified for.  More details coming to a blog near you soon.

I thought I'd occasionally bring back the "diggin' it" series.  I'm pretty good with follow through so we'll just say it's back.... for today.  (Go team!) 

First, I've had some requests for Ike updates.  Ike has been a little absent from the blog.  But he's been filling up my Instagram feed.  He just got a fancy hair cut this week (bottom middle).  He's totally diggin' his new do.  And belly scratches in bed.  And destroying our couch.  And soaking up the Summer sun.  Basically Ike digs it all.

My diggin' it picks for the week include this Everlane Weekender.  I have a couple of weekend girls trips coming up and I feel like I need this like a hole in the head.  But it's so pretty and I can't get it out of my head.

I'm obsessed with their tees so I figure the Weekend will be equally as amazing.

Beings I write this thing, I get two diggin' it favorites. (Hey, Ike got like 5.) I'm OBSESSED with this flying geese quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches.  I'm hoping to sneak some time to start making one like it this weekend.  Because I'm a crazy person and totally have time to finish a quilt.

flying geese quilt

Nate is becoming a more active participant in this crazy blog.  He didn't even groan when I asked what he was diggin' this week.  He did groan when I asked him if I could buy that Weekender. ;)  Nate's diggin' it pick is his new tripod. It's small. He likes the ball head better than his old one.  The legs are easy to operate and it feels sturdy.  (That's a lot of words from Nate.)

MeFoto A1350Q1T Roadtrip Travel Tripod Kit

What are you diggin' this week?  Any big weekend plans?