New Office Curtains and Couch

Our office is starting to look like adults live in this house. 

Well, minus the poorly ironed curtains.  My short attention span failed me after three panels.  

We picked up our couch a couple of weekends ago. We went with the Gravina sofa from Sofa Mart.  Our furniture options are super limited in the Quad Cities.  We both (okay, all 3 of us) really love this couch.  It has clean lines.  The leather has a bit of an aged look to it.  And the couch is super comfy.

The curtains are from West Elm.  When gaining inspiration for this room, I was really drawn to dark walls and tan curtains. Amazingly my vision turned out in reality like it did in my head.  That rarely happens.

We still need some art behind the couch and we have a furniture build to complete.  But we're getting there.  If stupid tax season would end, so would this room.  Nate's all crunching numbers for 72 hours a day (yes, a day). I'm all trying to not let the house fall apart and making sure we eat something better than Cap'n Crunch.  (Mmm, Cap'n Crunch.)  Hurry up April 16th!  Oh wait, that's when we leave for Maui.  This blog is going downhill fast. 

I have previously mentioned that Ike was pretty partial to the old couch.  We had a few comments asking if Ike would be allowed on the new couch.  Ike is allowed everywhere.  He runs the show.  Nate and I just like to think we are in charge.  (Actually Nate and I are in charge.  Most of the time.  Wire Fox Terriers need to know who is charge.  The breed has a strong personality which is both charming and challenging.)  We were curious how he'd take to the new couch.  The first night we had a little bit of a misunderstanding.  

Ike thinks he should be able to sink down in cushions.  He likes things fluffed up around him.  His spot on the living room couch is molded to his body.  He tried digging in the corner of the couch to mold this one as well.  The couch survived. We discussed how this couch isn't as fluffy.  I'd say he's since adjusted fine.  


If you're behind on the Neverending Office Story:  Read about our new paint color here and our updated built-ins here!

Who's glad Ike's couch story has a happy ending?  Any ideas on art work?  We have a couple ideas in mind.