The NeverEnding Story: Office Edition

Dear Future Michelle,

This letter is to remind you that you are the world's slower painter.  You need to think REALLY hard before you decide to paint another room.  Remember those tears when you couldn't find a functioning roller?  Remember that arm pain you experienced while spending an hour reaching across the top of cabinets?  Remember the 14.7 billion hours it took you to paint a room with 3 1/4 walls?  Yeah.  Think hard, weenie.

Seriously.  Stop thinking about painting your two story living room.  You are delusional. 


Past Michelle

Dear Blog Readers,

My office is painted!  Ike is digging the color (Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray) but he is concerned about the future of his precious, disgusting couch.

Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray | Decor and the Dog

Sorry, little buddy.  The new couch is on order!  It's a camel leather couch and it's beautiful.

Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray | Decor and the Dog

Ike likes the sound of leather.  He thinks it'll look great against the dark walls. He's a stylish one.

I'm obsessed with the wall color, Thunder Gray.  It changes throughout the day.  It's a dark brown muddy color in the morning and it turns almost black in the afternoon.  

Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray | Decor and the Dog

I've titled this post The NeverEnding Story: Office Edition because I'm totally going to milk this room for all it's worth.  We (clearly) have a lot more to accomplish in this space.

I mentioned that the couch is on order.  There are curtains to be hung.  I just ran out of energy after spending 7/8 of my weekend painting.  It would have been 8/8 of my weekend had I realized that I didn't paint the bottom area where Nate's computer is plugged in. *forehead slap*

I am removing the burlap "wallpaper" on the back of the shelves.  I'm a little sad about this but it just doesn't look right with the new color.  I have another color purchased I just need to get to work.  The shelves will then need to be styled or something.  I'm not really good at that whole styling thing so I'll probably just throw some books up there.  Maybe I should hire my BHG nominated blogger/styling queen friend, Caitlin, to help me out.

Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray | Decor and the Dog

We're pondering art for the room.  We're also pondering a replacement for the scrolly thing on the fireplace. 

Right now, my arms and I are happy that the walls are no longer blah brown.

Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray | Decor and the Dog

Off to ponder painting my living room...