Friday Awesomeness

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a fabulous week!  

Today calls for some awesomeness.  Like serious awesomeness.  

First up, I'm guest posting over at Cuckoo 4 Design today as part of Julia's Living Pretty With Your Pets series.  I am sharing how baby Ike came into our lives. I stumbled across this picture putting the post together.  

Summer 030.jpg

I love that squishy face so much.  Be sure to head over to Cuckoo 4 Design and say "hi".  Julia is beyond talented and her home is amazing.  She's one of Ike and I's favorites.  

(Julia is also super close to the top 5 in the homies at Apartment Therapy.  I'd love to help bump her back up!  Voting is quick.  Feel free to click the +1 next to Decor and the Dog.  I only need about 300 votes to oust Kelly from her #1 spot.  I'm feeling pretty good about this one. )

The Michaels event went well last Sunday.  Well, it went well as in I showed up and crafted with Kim.  Everyone else asked me where I could find those silly rubber band bracelet making things. Note to self.  Make rubber band bracelets next time. The Michaels employees were great and I hope that we can do it again in the future!

Decor and the Dog

I have a new addiction.  Everlane shirts.  I have been reading a bunch of fashion blogs lately.  (Bad idea.)  I had seen quite a few reviews for Everlane.  Everlane's philosophy is to provide luxury items at fair prices. I pondered their t-shirts for days.  I gave in.  Great life decision.  The material is super soft and the t-shirt doesn't cling weird.  I also love the shape. This is me pretending to be a fashion blogger. You know, with crappy bathroom shots and no makeup. 

Everlane tees.jpg

This is me being photo bombed by my dog that never leaves my side. I feel like Dressed and the Dog could be a thing. ;)

everlane and ike.jpg

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Seriously OBSESSED with these Everlane shirts.  I want them in EVERY color.  They are $15.  They are more expensive than the $8 shirts I have previously purchased from Target but these tees fit so much better.  The Target ones also shrink badly.  So far, so good on Everlane.  I can keep you posted, if you care!  (This is in no way sponsored but the links are referral links because I want MORE SHIRTS in EVERY COLOR.)

Here are a few links that I think you might like to check out this weekend.  I'll be back next week with a living room update and a painted office.  (Hopefully.)  Finally a few house projects in the works!

  • I'm loving following along with the house building process over at Wills Casa
  • Rachel has some great low maintanence beauty picks.  I trust her opinions.  Her tip on Monistat chaffing gel changed my life.  (I clearly have a lot going on.)
  • I need a shopping intervention but I have my eye on some great things over at Paisley Print Boutique.  My blog buddy Jen recently opened up shop!  Her mission is to create a marketplace that carries high quality, beautiful products where consumers can be sure their purchases are making a difference.  I have some awesome friends!
  • I'm loving Cassie's industrial pipe shelves.  Makes me itching to get started on ours!

Happy weekend!  See you on Monday with that living room update!