Removing Burlap Wallpaper/Weekend Thrifting

Happy Monday!  Are Mondays ever happy?  They are when your birthday is tomorrow and you leave for vacation to Austin, TX on Thursday!  (Any suggestions on food and activities are welcomed!)  

My family was in town this past weekend.  We carried on my birthday weekend tradition by doing a little thrifting.  I was hoping to find some things for our office. I found a wire basket and an ammunition box.  The basket is for our uncontrollable paper situation and the ammo box just looked awesome.  I feel like it may be useful in a zombie apocalypse.  I'm always prepared. I found a grain sack that I am going to turn into a couple of pillows but probably not before zombies take over.  I also found the pickpocket sign for my brother.  It's pretty much perfect for him.  I think we're going to use it in an upcoming room makeover in his house.

Thrifting finds.jpg

I was hoping to find a little more but I've found that thrifting is more successful if you aren't looking for anything in particular.  I will continue the hunt for office items.  The hunt is 80% of the fun anyways.  (That's what thrifters tells themselves to feel better about an unsuccessful adventure.)

I did make some progress on our office.  Remember when I applied burlap wallpaper to the back of our office built-ins using cornstarch glue?

Use Burlap as Wallpaper!

That was two years ago when I was a huge commitment phobe that was afraid of doing anything permanent in fear that my future self would want a change.  Past Michelle was a genius. (Which probably makes future Michelle a moron? Eh.)  

After painting our office walls, I realized that the burlap was no longer going to work.  I just didn't feel right.  

Office 2.jpg

It wasn't horribly wrong but it wasn't horribly right either.  I also have a hatred for burlap so it really didn't disappoint me to kick it the curb.  I would, however, "wallpaper" using the cornstarch method again in a heart beat.  I liked the texture that it previously added to the room and it was super easy to remove.

The burlap stuck super well for the past two years.  No issues.  To remove it, I just started pulling from one corner and it came off quickly.  Let me demonstrate via this award winning video I uploaded to the YouTube.  (If Bad Grandpa is up for Oscar, anything can happen.)

Once I removed the burlap, there was a thin film of burlap fuzz and cornstarch glue residue. I used a wet rag to remove most of it.  I then used a little Mrs. Meyer's all purpose cleaner to wipe any remaining residue.  It wasn't super labor intensive and only took me about 10 minutes on each side.  Not too shabby for "wallpaper".  No harm was done to the back of the shelves.  You would never know they were covered in burlap for two years.

removing burlap wallpaper.jpg

As you can see from the stellar night photo above, this area needs some color.  I've started.  And it's pretty but let's save that for another post.