New Digs

Welcome to our new internet home! 

We like to think that our new site better suits us.  It's cleaner.  More organized.  And a little quirky.   (Quirky is the nice way to say weird, right?)

We decided to go with Squarespace.  It is working great for us so far.  We like to take the road less traveled.  AKA, make things difficult for us.  Squarespace allows us to have a clean site with just a small amount of coding knowledge.  It's comparable to WordPress in cost and SEO (Arguable, I know. Just nod your head.)

Take a look around and please let us know if anything seems too weird or if links aren't working.

We're off to enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend.  We hope you are enjoying yours as much as Ike is enjoying his. 

Lazy Wire Fox Terrier

Party animal. 

{The comment area is now located near the speech bubble below.  It's the one thing I can't change to my liking!} 

What do you think of the new site?