Layered Fabric Hoop Art {DIY}

Happy Tuesday!  The long holiday weekend gave me enough energy to get some stuff done.  Including this cute layered fabric hoop art.

Decor and the Dog Layered fabric hoop art.jpg

After a long hike at a nearby state park with Nate and Ike, I decided to get crafty.  I had been itching to create something small but cute.  Always important criteria. 

I had previously seen some hoop art at an antique store. I forgot to snap a photo of it but it was basically fabric scraps smushed into a hoop.  I thought I could totally make that.  I did and it was surprisingly easy.  Like I didn't even yell at my sewing machine easy.  (It's out to get me.  Don't try to tell me otherwise.)

I grabbed some scraps that I had left over from baby quilt that I made recently.   I decided to go with the black and gold for my hoop art.  The Iowa football team is going to need any kind of positive energy they can get this year and I figured my hoop couldn't hurt.


  • Fabric scraps cut to whatever size you would like. I choose 3"x3"  
  • 1" wide fabric or ribbon
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: Sew fabric squares together.  My Type A self is having a hard time writing this but the beauty of this project is that things do not need to be perfect.  Wow.  That was hard.  You don't have to sew a perfectly straight line.  Your squares don't have to line up perfectly.  (Who am I?) It's actually a great beginner project.  I laid my squares out over the hoop and guessed how many I would need for each row.  Press seams open.

layered fabric hoop art {step 1}.jpg

Step 2:   Use your 1" wide strip of fabric or ribbon to wrap the outside hoop.  I used a small amount of hot glue at the beginning and end of each strip.

DIY layered hoop art {step 2}.jpg
Layred Fabric Art {step 3}.JPG

Step 3:   Stack your fabric rows onto the inner hoop. I started at the bottom and overlapped a little on each row.

Step 4: Place the outer hoop over top the inner hoop and fabric.  Pull the fabric tight while securing.

Layered Fabric Art {step4}.JPG
Layered Hoop Art {Step 5}.jpg

 Step 5:   Trim the edges from the back side and enjoy your quirky hoop art!

Now I think I need to make some matching bunting and find a place to hang my Hawkeye spirit.  Go team.  Or something sports like.

layered fabric hoop art.jpg

 Did you enjoy the weekend?  Do you have any favorite fabric scrap projects?  Who thinks I need more than hoop art and bunting to make this a tolerable football season?  {Don't answer this little brother.}

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