August Recap + Michelle’s Random Thoughts

1. I’m so on top of this monthly recap that it’s not even funny.

2. I am transferring the blog to a new site this weekend.  If things get weird, that’s why.  Also, if you can’t find me next week.  Come look for me.  I’ll update this site with direction to the new one when I get that all figured out.

3. I have no clue how to transfer a blog.  Most people hire that done.  I’m cheap and am good with the Google.  Plus I like to make things hard.  I’m sure it’s just typing my new blog address into blogger and bam!, new website. 

4. I’m sometimes delusional.

5. I think I’ll have a craft room reveal next week.  And maybe a stencil giveaway.  And then a bathroom reveal the following week.  High five!

Blog Pic-1-2

Happy recap day!

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Big weekend plans?  Who’s pumped for the new site?