5 Minute Wood Bead Garland

Good Thursday morning.  Less than one week until Christmas.  Ahhhhhh. Everyone panic.

Actually I've stopped wigging out.  The gifts are bought.  They are partially wrapped.  There are a few cookies baked.  My only concern is that I have at least 3 holiday movies that I need to get in.  I must get my priorities straight.

Today I'd like to share with you a holiday craft you can whip up in 5 minutes flat.  I had some questions on how to make the wood bead garland from my holiday mantel post.  It's actually stupid easy.  There are Ike pictures to make up for the fact that it is so easy.

5 Minute Wood Bead Garland


  • Wood beads (you can find them at most craft stores)
  • Twine, yarn, something string like
  • Optional:
    • Spray paint
    • 3M strips


If painting beads, start there.

String wood beads onto twine.  I used a small piece of tape wrapped around the end to make the stringing easier.  (Similar to the wood bead necklace I made last year.)

5 Minute Wood Bead Holiday Garland

Be under close supervision of your furry friend.  Make sure furry friend gets his wet dog nose all over the beads.  (See far right.)

5 Minute Wood Bead Garland 2.jpg

Keep stringing until you have reached your desired amount of beads.  I think I used 55-65 for my strands.

5 Minute Wood Bead Garland 3.jpg

Get an annoyed look from your dog when you tell him to find something else to do other than make wet nose marks all over the holiday decorations.

5 Minute Wood Bead Garland 4.jpg

Get an angry look from your dog when you tell him to stop chewing on the beads.  They are not wooden balls for the dog to play with.  They are a choking hazard for crying out loud.  This is why we don't have children.

Edit:  This project may only take 3 minutes if you don't have "help" from a furry monster.

Hang the beads in your desired location.  I tied mine to the garland.  You could also use 3M hooks.

Easy garland done.  

5 Minute Wood Bead Garland.jpg
Holiday Mantel with wood bead garland

Does your dog like to make holiday crafts?  What's your favorite quick craft this season?

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