Lighted Christmas Balls + Outdoor Lights 2013

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky in the husband department.  I mean, most dudes don't willingly put up Christmas lights let alone enjoy putting up a display like this.

Outdoor Lights 2013 {decor and the dog}

We hang lights instead of shoveling our driveway.  It snows light every other day so we've given up.

There might be some lights thrown in the bushes if I was in charge (which was my job this year).  You would never catch me up there in those peaks.  I definitely wouldn't spend the time outlining the sides of the house.

So instead of thanking Nate, I pull out a quote from one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Michelle: The little lights... they aren't twinkling.

Nate: I know, Michelle. Thanks for noticing.

Outdoor Lights {decor and the dog}
Outdoor Lights {decor and the dog}

We are slowly adding lighted Christmas balls to our little tree area.  We made these last year but I never blogged about them.

Outdoor Lights 2013 {decor and the dog}

These balls are easy to make.  We hope to have a big ol' forest of hanging ball in the future.  We added a few more this year.

We were originally inspired by this pin which no longer leads to a valid site.  Awesome.  It did at one time and it taught us how to make these lovely lighted Christmas balls.

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

  • Chicken wire
    • We used the 2" kind.  About 2 feet for each ball.
  • Wire cutters
  • Mini Christmas lights (1 box per ball)
  • 3 prong outdoor adapters
  • Outdoor Extension cords
Lighted Christmas Balls {decor and the dog}

Form the cut ends into a cylinder.  Twist the cut ends together.

Hanging Lighted Christmas balls {decor and the dog}

Close both ends of the cylinder.  Trial and error will get you to a point where the ends look more like a sphere than a square.

Outdoor Hanging Lighted Christmas balls {decor and the dog}

Keep fluffing and twisting until you end up with something that resembles a ball.  Wrap the lights around the ball.  (We stuck some inside to help keep in place during the windy/snowy month of December.

Outdoor Hanging Lighted Christmas balls {decor and the dog}

To hang, drape an extension cord over a tree branch.  Thread the power cord into the ball.  Loop it up and in and plug into the lights.  It's seriously a stupid easy outdoor light project!   

Outdoor hanging lighted ball
Outdoor Lighted Christmas balls {decor and the dog}
DIY Christmas Light Balls

Do you have outdoor lights?  Are you one of those awesome houses that has the display set to music?