June Monthly Recap

Do you ever have times in your life where you feel that you are just barely keeping your head above water and you’re not exactly sure why?  That was our past two months.  Nothing major happened we just constantly felt behind.  And tired. And sort of grouchy.  The saddest part of all was losing my wit.  Lame.


We are back and feeling better than ever now.  Must have been that week at the lake.  Or this wonderful break in weather.  Or something else that old people say. 

My floors are shiny.  The shower is clean. And my ability to be a smart aleck is back.  Oh, yes.

Beings that June and July disappeared in a flash, it’s not surprising that I’m behind in my monthly blog recaps.  And I was doing so well.

Let’s catch up.  Here’s what happened in June.  It’s almost more fun to most the recap a month late. That’s what I keep telling myself.  Looks for July’s around October 19th.

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Has your Summer disappeared right before your eyes?  Isn’t Ike ridiculously cute?  Even when he’s stealing my new blanket.