Craft Room Organization

I’m still working on my craft room.  Life keeps getting in the way of me finishing projects.  Pesky job.  Pesky dirty floors.  Pesky being an adult.

When I started my craft room, I cleared everything out and placed it in the spare bedroom across the hall. It looked like this.  At it’s best. And that’s just fabric. Oy.  There was more crafting junk on the other side of the room.


I decided that I should get to cleaning that mess up.  It was time.  My hoarding ways were catching up with me.

I started with the fabric.  Kim (NewlyWoodwards) is a genius and she gave me some comic book boards to see if they would help me get organized.  I liked them so much that I bought more (from Amazon) and got to work.

Fabric storage with comic book boards

Comic Book Board fabric storage

I can now easily see what types of fabric I have.  The tubs are easy to transport and store nicely in the closet.  It’s not the most adorable blogland storage solution but it’s super practical (and inexpensive).

fabric storage in closet

Remember this darling green buffet and button art?

Button Wall ArtPS

I was originally going to use the buffet to store fabric.  I was, however, concerned about the fabric starting to smell like old furniture so I put the kabosh on that idea and decided to use it to store other crafting supplies.

The top drawers hold paper items and sewing accessories.

Sewing drawer 1

sewing drawer 2

The inside of the cabinet holds paints, jewelry supplies, glues, foam, etc.


buffet craft storage

I think I’m starting to get my life back in order. 

I have a few more things to hang on the walls and then I might get to a proper room reveal. Get excited.  But not too excited.  You know me.

How do you store your craft supplies?  Any other great fabric storage suggestions?