Vintage Wash Tub Beverage Cooler

I’d like you to meet the newest addition to our family.

Vintage Wash Tub Beverage Cooler

Isn’t she cute?  She has nice legs.

This vintage wash tub turned beverage cooler was all Nate’s idea.  Most girls get all gushy when their husbands do things like bring them flowers or take out the trash.  Those things will never happen in my house so I will get gushy over his new found love of junk.  Totally better than flowers.  (I would still be head over heels if the trash somehow found it’s way out without my help.  But I’ll totally take junk.)

Nate asked me to be on the look out for a vintage wash tub.  He was with me a couple of weeks ago and we found this wash tub for $30.


It was quite rusty and chippy.  We were debating keeping it that way.  After thinking about it, we decided to make it a little more us. 

Nate purchased a 3M Paint and Rust Stripper and got to sanding.

Vintage Wash Tub for Beverages

It turned out all shiny.

Vintage Wash Tub for Beverages

I then taped it all up and gave it 2 coats of Valspar’s Red Queen Outdoor paint.  We decided to paint the legs to make it prettier and to help protect it from the elements.  We’ll probably store it inside but we may leave it out every now and then.

Vintage Wash Tub for Beverages

Ike likes that it matches his bandana.

Vintage Wash Tub for Beverages

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy project that ends with a fun before and after?  No one.

Vintage Wash Tub Beverage Cooler Before and After

Who’s glad wash tubs are now for booze and not laundry? 

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