April Monthly Recap

When did it become May?  Oh, 3 days ago.  Got it.  I’m having trouble returning to normal life after vacation. I still think it’s the middle of April.

A few random thoughts before I recap the month of April.

We are having a garage sale on Saturday.  I hate having garage sales.  But I do love purging junk.  I’ve become a hoarder.  It’s not my fault.  It’s hereditary.  I totally went nuts yesterday though and gathered things to sell left and right.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy on Saturday.  Work with me, Iowa.  I need to rid my life of this excess.  Or something.

I have kicked Ike out of our bedroom for the next week.  I felt fantastic in Florida.  I come home and my sinuses and lungs are instantly inflamed.  My allergy testing came back that I am allergic to dust mites and dogs.  I am in denial about the dog thing.  Wire Fox Terriers are supposedly hypoallergenic.  But it doesn’t always work that way.  We’ve also had him for 6 1/2 years and my problems started about a year ago.  But people can develop allergies at any time.  My allergist recommended that he not sleep in our room (beings we spend a good majority of our lives sleeping).  He is ALWAYS in our room.  I think it’s actually harder on me than him.  We’ll see.  Part of me hopes that I still feel like crap after a week so we can go back to normal and have our naps together.  If it’s not the dog, then we have larger issues to tackle.  Like carpet.  But new hardwood floors aren’t all bad, right?

Nate and I are on a vacation craptastic food detox.  We have done super well at only eating things made from scratch.  I think the only “processed” food that ate this week was a small bun, a whole wheat English muffin and a little flour.  I even ate vegetables.  Weird.  Any great healthy recipes for me?

And now, April in review.  Maybe you missed something.  Maybe you want to re-read something.  Maybe you’re new (Welcome!).  Maybe you don’t care.