Updates on Some Things

That title is going to win me some search engine optimization points.  Boo-yah.

Today I’d like to update you on some items around our house.  I get e-mails on these three topics so I figured it would be good to cover them.

First item: The Tile Setting Mat from Simple Mat


We loved the ease of install but were slightly concerned about how well the backsplash would hold up. We had some lose/wiggly tiles before grouting. It made us nervous. We carried on.

Verdict: 6 months later and all of the tiles are still intact. I have scrubbed pasta sauce, cupcake batter, etc off of the backsplash and no movement. We are now confident that this backsplash is going nowhere.  That backsplash still makes me smile every day.  Good life decision.

Second item:  Under Cabinet Lighting


Look how naked our kitchen looked before that backsplash.  The kitchen is embarrassed. 

Anywho, we installed the under cabinet lights we purchased at Sam’s. Let me start this story by telling you that Nate always reads reviews before buying anything. ANYTHING. Except for these lights. We used the lights twice and then they stopped working.  We thought maybe we left them on on accident.  Nate then decided to read the reviews.  The reviews were all terrible. We decided to replace all of the batteries in the off chance that we did forget to turn them off.  The lights died again after about 3 uses.  We’re done with them and we are looking for an alternative. 

Verdict: FAIL!  Super duper Heidi Montag like fail.

Third item: Burlap Wallpaper


Yes, I did have blond hair.  Yes, we look like babies in that photo. 

This now brunette decided to use burlap to line the back of the book cases in the office. I used a cornstarch mixture to adhere the burlap to the back of the bookcases to add a little texture. 

Verdict:  Still going strong.  The burlap has not moved and it’s been hanging for over a year.  And I’m not sick of it yet.  Even more impressive.

Who has under cabinet lighting suggestions for us?  How do you decorate the back of your shelves? Is my blond hair still weirding you out?