Vertical Garden Inspiration { Part 1: #DigIn}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.  I know, a sponsored post.  But keep reading because the project is awesome and they let me say whatever I want!  Which you all know is dangerous.

Last month I discussed joining the.  As a member of the Garden Club you receive a $5.00 coupon.  (Bonus!)  There are also a bunch of fun outdoor project ideas.  Nate and I have decided to take on the Vertical Garden.

What exactly is a vertical garden?  Good question. Vertical gardens are basically hanging flower boxes.  They are like fancy pieces of outdoor art.   Vertical gardens can be used to grow flowers, succulents, herbs and even vegetables.

Before heading to the Home Depot, I did a little internet browsing to gather some vertical garden inspiration.

Vertical Garden Inspiration Ideas #DigIn

{clockwise:Home Depot,Brooklyn Limestone,Apartment Therapy,Inspired By Charm,Jillbert}

I was really debating succulents and herbs.  Mainly because succulents and herbs are all hipster blogger like. After much debate, Nate and I have decided to place the vertical garden on our deck.


Our deck is looking pretty boring and we decided that a vertical planter full of colorful flowers would brighten it up!  And who am I kidding?  I can only dream of being a hipster.  Until next time little succulents.

I learned that vertical gardens have many benefits.  I’m always a fan of aesthetics over function.  Vertical gardens are great for adding visual drama and hiding ugly walls.  Nate is more of a function over aesthetics guy so he enjoyed that weeds are controlled in these gardens and the plants are less accessible to disease and pests.

Armed with our new knowledge and a supply list, we headed to the Home Depot.  We first stopped by the garden center where we picked out our flowers.  I will share more about our flower selection on Friday.  There will be a vlog.  It will be awesome.


After selecting our flowers, we headed to our second home (aka: the lumber section) to grab our building materials.


We will share a project tutorial next week complete with supply list.  Here’s a sneak peek of what we used.  (Hover over the image.  Ooo, html magic!)

We pushed our full cart to the front of the store and headed on home to start the project.

How to build a vertical garden

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Did you tackle any outdoor projects this week-end?  Any big plans on your to-do list?  Are you hip enough for succulents?  Who's pumped for the vlog?