Life Lately

Hey, it’s me.  The world’s worst DIY blogger. 

I’d like to make up excuses like being too busy or something.  But I hate when bloggers do that.  It’s called life and I have been pretty awesome at managing my time poorly.  Eh.  I’m over it.  I have some good stuff planned in the next few months.  You just wait and see dear blog readers.

So what have we been up to?  Instagram tells me that…

Ike decided last summer that he was afraid of thunderstorms.  We were hoping that wouldn’t continue this year.  It’s stormed almost every night this week.  We had a nice talk about sleeping through storms.  It didn’t go well.  He’s lucky he’s cute.


It’s been super gloomy all week but it’s not snowing.  And the grass is an amazing shade of green.  I wouldn’t complain except for the fact that it’s 30 outside in April.


Ike has a new best friend.  His name is Fox.  Fox is a trooper.  He no longer has intestines but he still enjoys cooking and snuggling in bed.



I’ve recently become a pretty decent cook.  I don’t know how it happened.  Nate says it has something to do with paying attention to what I’m doing.  I’m still not sure.  My parents were in town this past week-end and I whipped up a delicious Sunday breakfast.


My parents enjoyed the fact that we are still celebrating Christmas.  Don’t rush me.


Next week.  There will be real posts.  I promise.  I think.  That is if I live.  Tomorrow I am running a Zombie Run.  I have to survive the race without turning into a zombie.  It’s a 5K.  I haven’t ran since October.  I’m sure I’ll be fine. CARDIO!!!

Big week-end plans?  Who’s pumped for the end of tax season next week???