Painted Cabinets Kitchen Reveal

Nate and I spent Memorial Day week-end helping my baby brother paint his kitchen.  We only threatened to ditch the place and go tubing about 10 times.  But we didn’t.  Sibling love.

This is what my brother’s kitchen looked like when he purchased the home.

Painting kitchen cabinets Before and After

Pretty, no?  Fiesta is always my favorite color scheme.

I told little brother not to worry.  We can make this kitchen pretty for not a lot of dinero.

A few weeks back we painted the walls Comfort Grey by Sherwin Williams.  It definitely lightened up the room and made me want to barf less.  Just less.  I still wanted to barf.

Painting kitchen cabinets Before and After

Those cabinets were in such sad shape.  Nothing some new moldings, hardware, a loving family and paint couldn’t fix.

Painting kitchen cabinets Before and After
Painting kitchen cabinets Before and After

Hard to believe it’s the same room, right?

My brother got a great deal on the stainless appliances purchased from a friend’s brother.  $700 total for both.  The oven had been used 3 times.  The fridge was spotless.

Nate added some simple molding to add dimension to the cabinets.

Painting kitchen cabinets Before and After

Nate also replaced that lovely red mesh with some plywood.  Cheap and easy fix!


Nate also installed some floor trim to replace the plastic trim.  Little brother is moving up in the world.

Brother still needs to install some molding underneath the cabinets under the sink and replace the cutting boards (holes under counter) but otherwise this kitchen is done!  Unless he’ll let me add some decorative touches.  Or paint that door.

Source List:

  • Wall color:  Comfort Grey by Sherwin Williams ($30) 
  • Cabinet color:  Rust-Oleum’s Cabinet Transformations kit in Linen ($70) 
    • Review to come!
    • Hardware:  Handles from Lowe’s, knobs from Menards (no clue on names) ($50) 
    • Cabinet molding:   Lowe’s ($50) 
    • Floor molding:  Menard’s ($20)
Before + After Budget Kitchen Reveal.jpg
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