I was tagged by Carol at The Design Pages in a Q&A blog thingy. I’m really quite horrible at following through on these tags.  I don’t want to be the girl that everyone keeps inviting to the party but then she never shows…because that’d be me in real life and blog Michelle is much cooler.  (I’ve also been tagged by Erin at His and Hers and Cassie at Primitive and Proper but Carol was the most recent and I’m too lazy to find the other tags.  Visit their blogs though…after you read my nonsense.) 

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1.  What's the one thing you can't resist ordering when you eat at a restaurant

Depends on the type of restaurant.  My friends joke that they have to choose a restaurant that has chicken nuggets/strips or I won’t go.  It’s about 98% true.  I have learned to eat things like steak or fettucine alfredo at fancy restaurants.  I really do prefer chicken nuggets.

2.  What's your biggest blogging accomplishment?

Is it weird that this is the hardest question for me to answer?  The first thing that comes to mind is our headboard being featured on Apartment Therapy


I’m proud of that project but not necessarily of that post. Part of me wants to rewrite it.  The other part of me thinks I should leave it for history’s sake.

I think my biggest accomplishments are more the relationships I have developed with fellow bloggers and the fun opportunities that have arisen from the blog. Examples: free lights from Barn Light Electric, working with the DIY Network, working with Glidden on My Colortopia, etc.

3.  Skinny jeans, boot cut or wide leg jeans?

I’m a boot cut girl.  I have a pair of skinny jeans.  I kind of like them.  I feel like people look at me funny in them.  It’s probably not realistic.  It’s just how I feel.

11 - 1(2)pn

4.  What's the one thing you'd like to improve on your blog?
I think I need to work on my photography.  My photos are pretty decent when Nate takes them.  They are all crooked and weird when I take them.  Baby steps.

5.  What kind of car do you drive?

A 2006 silver Jeep Liberty. I will drive this car to the ground.  I like nice things but I really don’t care about cars.  It’s nice but has no fancy features.  I think if I had to find a car that described me.  It would be this car.

via Ross Premier Motors(I can’t find a picture of my actual car but it looks just like this)

6.  How many hours do you sleep at night?

I usually sleep from 10PM-6:45AM.  I’m one of those people that needs a lot of sleep.  I do not function with anything less than 8.  Seriously.  My heart stops.  I also check your mother’s/father’s/grandfather’s medications all day.  You do not want me to be sleep deprived.

7.  What one word would your best friend use to describe you?

My dog best friend would use the word “awesome” to describe me.


As for the human best friend, I waver between “responsible” and “funny”.  Beings I can only choose one I’ll go with “responsible”.  My friends are all crazy (good crazy).  Someone needs to be the voice of reason, right?

Melissa Wedding 096pn

8.  What is the architectural style of your home?

Iowan?  I’m really horrible with design/architecture terms.  I really know nothing about design.  I just like to pretend I do.  You all can educate me.  What is the architectural style of my home?  It’d probably be good for me to know.


9.  Is there a blogger that you try to emulate?

Nope. I’m me.  I write what I feel like writing.  There are times that I worry that people will stop reading this nonsense.  And then more people read it.  So I’m sticking with me.  I guess if I have to actually answer the question I’d like to be a mix of Ree Drummond, Katie Bower, and Erika Powell.  The first two are witty and the last has this classy design/personal style.  Good combo.

10. What is the one thing you regret not having learned?

I really wish I knew how to play the piano.  I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those things I’ve always wanted to do.  Maybe if I have children I will force them to learn so I can live vicariously through them.  That’s what good mothers do.  Add that to my “pros” list for having children.

11. Do you work out regularly and if so, what is your routine?

Yes, I do.  Working out is my Zoloft.  It keeps me sane.  In the summer I walk for about an hour every night with Nate and the Ike man.  During the winter I use the elliptical for about 20 minutes and then 15-20 minutes of pilates.  As a medical professional, I strongly encourage physical exercise.  *Steps off soap box.*

Now it’s my turn….11 Questions (I’m cheating.  Answer the questions above because they are good and because I am lazy). 11 Bloggers.  (Pick yourselves.  The first 11 to answer the questions are the winners.  Woo hoo!  Let me know if you answer them!)