Pyrex Addict

I’m back. I’ve been sick for a week.  Viral infection turned sinus infection.  I’m such a baby when I’m sick. Seriously.  I’m a sad, disgusting mess.  Luckily for Nate, I don’t get sick often.  And Ike has been taking excellent care of me.

My family came down this week-end.  I told them on Thursday that I was getting better.  I really thought I was.  The other bad thing about me getting sick?  I lose my wittiness and that makes me sad.  Ask my brother.  I had no comebacks this week-end.  Lame. Slam after slam and I just shook my head and agreed to avoid a coughing fit.  This also explains my lack of blog posts.  Who wants to read boring Michelle?  Not me.

I told myself that I was totally fine and headed on antiquing with the fam on Saturday morning.  We hit up a great antique mall in Coal Valley, Il.  Antiquing with the family makes me happy.

One of my favorite parts of the mall is this shop that has a room filled with pretty Pyrex.  (My mom doesn’t like the term “vintage pyrex” because that makes her vintage.  So I refrain.)



12 - 1(9)

My cell phone pictures don’t do this room justice.  Heavenly. I want to live in this room.  Or have my kitchen cupboards look like this room.

This is what death looks like in heaven…right before she hacks her one of her lungs into one of those pretty pink bowls…


Unfortunately this shop is very pricey on their Pyrex. (Or maybe fortunately for Nate and our savings account.) I held out for the next store where I previously scored some Pyrex bargains.

Good thing! These lovelies were marked ~$7 compared to the ~$20 in the pretty Pyrex shop.



Now I’m going to have to start cooking.  What the what?

Nate informed that I really have to stop buying Pyrex because we are running out of room.  I should do a poll on this topic.  But my lymph nodes are too swollen to put that together…

Anyone else addicted to Pyrex?  Is there a kitchen item that you just can’t pass up?  Anyone else revert to childlike behavior when they are ill?