Find the Time

I’m beginning to think that I might live. 10 days of being awfully sick is draining on the soul.

The other night I was tired of reading. Tired of staring at the tv. Tired of being sick so I decided to work on a piece of word art.  I do good work when I'm sick.


This piece was inspired by this pin.  A nice little reminder about what’s important in life.

I also picked up this cute little print for $3 at the antique mall this week-end. 


My mom pointed it out while I was hacking up a lung.  She thought it would be cute in our mudroom.  The ivory looked funny in there so I decided to try it out in the powder room.  Winner!


We are still on the hunt for the perfect mirror for this space but I like my little art additions.  I like the nice little reminder to take time to enjoy the simple things that make us happy….every time we wash our hands.


I love the comments we get from our friends and family on this room. They range from “awesome” to “groovy” to “seizure inducing” to “whoa”.  Sometimes it’s good to decorate out of your comfort zone.


My nurse totally approves.  Look how happy the prints make him.


Or was he happy because Nate was home early and he got to enjoy a walk in the 80 degree weather? Jury is still out. Let’s go with the prints.

What things do you need to remind yourself to take the time for?  Who else is enjoying some crazy/amazing warm weather?  Big week-end plans?