Baby It’s Hot Outside

Nate told me I needed to change the chalkboard in the mudroom.


He was right.  I hate when he’s right.  But I changed it anyways.


I do not think I have ever said “It is hot.”….in Iowa…in March.  We were in the 80’s all week-end.  Insanity. I’m sure this wonderfulness will end soon but we enjoyed every second of it this week-end. We even enjoyed sweating to death in the house.  There was no way we were turning on the air conditioner in March.  It just seemed wrong.

Our niece was baptized this week-end so all of Nate’s family was in town….which means we got to see our favorite little people…

Picnik collagekiddos

We ate some delicious checkered cake made by Nate’s sister.


We went to the neighborhood pond and fed the fish. 


I tried to get a nice/normal picture of Nate and I.


It went well.  I guess this is as good as it gets.


Nate hates my short hair.  So I cut it short again this week-end.  Oopsie daisy.  Girl power.

Ike is totally a fan of summer in March.  He enjoyed staring out the open windows and walks in the park.  He hopes the warm weather keeps up.

12 - 1(15)

Me too, Ike.  Me too.

Did you all have lovely week-ends? Anyone else experience some unseasonably warm weather?  My blog has resorted to weather talk.  This being 30 thing is taking a toll left and right.