Hey Girl…

Remember my chalkboard fail?  How could you forget something so important?

Turns out the answer to my chalkboard woes was staring me down every time I reached for the Robins Eggs.  (Those malted milk candies are going to take me down.)


What if I painted the insides of the pantry doors with chalkboard paint?

Nate is never home and I can no longer trust Ryan Gosling. I decided to go to my next best source.

896 copy

If Ike approves then we are good to go.

I taped off the edges of the panels and started painting.  Quickest project ever.  And meltdown free.  Even better.




I’m still waiting for the chalkboard paint to fully dry.  The manufacturer recommends waiting 3 days before conditioning.  I’m trying to follow directions.  Key word: trying.  I have some additional plans with these doors that I will share soon.  Once the paint fully dries.  Hurry up already.

I like this project because the paint is like a hidden surprise when you open the pantry but having it behind closed doors keeps the kitchen neat and tidy.


Any solutions smacking you in the face every time you reach for an Easter treat?  Who’s happy to know Ike is a more reliable source than Ryan Gosling?

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