Not A Valentine’s Day Mantel

Our mantel was looking a little sad without it’s Christmas garb.  I needed to fix that.

I just wasn’t feeling the Valentine’s Day mantel thing.  Pink doesn’t fly so well with the husband.  I am more into calming neutrals lately so red was out.

I’m also not a big Valentine’s Day fan.  I’m not one of those that will dress in black and say things like “stupid Hallmark holiday”.  It’s just not a day that we celebrate much in our house.

But that mantel.  It was looking so boring.  What to do?  What to do?

A Pinterest browse sparked an idea.006 (2)pn

I found a tutorial for yarn wrapped letters over at My Sister's Suitcase.  Everyone is making yarn wrapper letters.  I can totally do this. 

Yarn letters are not fun.  I am not good at making yarn letters.  I will never make yarn letters again.  At least not the letter “X” anyway.  You win some.  You lose some.  The end.

014 (2)pn

008 (2)pn

Do you like my new sassy owl friend?  I found her at Menards for $7.  A sassy owl at Menards. Who would have thought?  (Who.  Owl.  I kill me.)  She looks flirty.  Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

013 (2pn)

020 (2)pn

019 (2)pn

There you have it.  My not a Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day mantel.

Are you a Valentine’s Day decorator?  Do you think it’s weird that I have a bird phobia but love little sassy owls?  Yeah, me too.